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Lost Trail Powder Mtn, Montidaho


Angel Diva
Montidaho? What? This little gem of an old school area sits right on two states, literally, Montana and Idaho.
We have driven by numerous times and finally took the time to come over for a few days. One of our friends has been raving about it for year and we decided to make it our first dry-camp/winter camp van trip.
It's nice you can camp in the parking lot but you do have to move in the AM if they need to plow.

We woke to 6" new on a Thursday morning; they've been closed since Sunday night. It doesn't sound like a lot but we managed to find true powder or powder enough spring conditions almost every run for two days. The more of the mountain we skied, the more we found to ski. There is a lot of terrain here, a whole lot! It's serviced by double chairs run by generators. No HS quads here: one of the old doubles is 17 minute ride but we just decided to enjoy it. The layout of the mountain takes a bit of skiing to figure out how to work but we managed ok. :-)

Short version, I would definitely return!! I could have done 3 days here. It's known for powder and if you can hit it with a true dump, omg, it's going to be fantastic. It has some of the best tree skiing we've come across aside from our home mt. Some of it burned a few yeats back, so there are tons of blue glades with wide spacing for the intermediate tree skier, plus chutes and forest too. Anyway, on to the photos...

Oh, wait, nothing like "Golden Oldies" (60-70) day tickets for.........$41.

Camping out:

20210324_182533 small.jpg

View from top of Slide
20210325_120821 small.jpg

State line
20210325_135131 small.jpg

Looking from Montana to Idaho

20210326_114155 -small.jpg

Overlooking Lost Trail Pass
20210326_114959 small.jpg

Yes, we found a lot of this. Place was deserted.


Angel Diva
Looks wonderful! How did the van do?

It was a good test run. It's not 4 season so we dry camped: carrying water, RV antifreeze in the toilet. Gear organization could use some work. Our all season tires were OK but we will probably get dedicated snow tires for next winter. It was warm and cozy. I do like to go a yoga-ish flexibility routing after a day of skiing so I'll have to come up with a plan b for that lol.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have been wanting to ski there! In fact, it's on my list of places to possibly move when my daughter graduates high school.

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