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Loooo-laaaa!!!!!! Come out and plaaaaay!


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Our newest member has gone to all the work of registering and hasn't come out to play.
C'mon lola, are you out there?!

Heck! I'm so glad you joined ski diva, I think I'll do the "Happy Dance"

ski diva

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We'll get her out here yet -- LO-LA! LO-LA! LO-LA!

(A little intimidation never hurts anyone) ;)


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I think it's a sham.

There's no Lola.

There's C-O-L-A Cola, but there's no L-O-L-A Lola.


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Ok! OK1 I'll come out to play!

Sorry that you are disappointed. I have a lot on my mind lately. My sister is in the hospital and the news from the doctors has me praying alot. Any and all prayers for Kristi are welcome.

OK, now about me (which should be posted in the 'getting to know you section' - but some of you already know me).

I'm 43 and proud of it. I have been skiing for 20+ years. Every year for the last 4 or 5 years, I have gone to Okemo in VT for the Women's Alpine Adventure program. I can't say enough good things about the program and the awesome women there such as Maria, Terry, Sharon, Crystal, Diane, Jen, Trouble - what more can I say??? They are a fabulous group of women!!! And absolutely fabulos to ski with!!!

I typically ski with my Mom, Lil - who has also signed on to this forum. I also ski with my husbank . . . .oops . . .I mean husband, Phil. He got me interested in skiing when we first met 20+ years ago. Thanks to Phil (who some of you may know from EpicSki as PhilPug).

Late last season I had my very first ski injury. I must say that it took me completely by surprise. But I am looking forward to skiing again very soon. My first trip is planned for December with Phil and SnowHot to be followed by yet another Women's Alpine Adventure at Okemo where I am sure to see and ski with TCarey.

Thinking of snow,

ski diva

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See, our evil plot worked! Lola, we're delighted to have you. Love your avatar, too! :D

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