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Local, Local-Mountain or Destination Boot Fitter


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Oh wow, that's a tough area to fit larger! Did they by chance recommend a BOA boot?
I was recommended a fitter that does Daleboot. But he's booked out until almost the end of December.
I will look into the BOA system. It looks promising.


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@aloha.hau I also have a very high instep. I found joy with Dalbello cabrio style boots, currently the Dalbello Panterra 105. They have a 3 piece construction with a separate tongue that sits over a gap between the two sides. No pressure on my instep! Punch the toes and front of the arch out a bit for my Flintstone feet and I'm good to go.


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Ladies, thank-you for all your help. I finally decided to get custom Dale Boots. I had to do a couple special trips up and spent several pretty pennies. But I finally got them in mid January. What they say is true - They don't hurt! I used to prophylactically take advil and tylenol before even touching snow. Now I haven't needed to take anything at all. These should last me for 5-10 years!


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Trailside Trixie

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What @MissySki said 100%. I go to the same bootfitter she does and he's amazing. I have difficult feet and he's the man. He's only 30 minutes from where I ski but it can be a pain given my weekend schedule but I make it work because he's outstanding. A good bootfitter is worth a gazillion dollars.

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