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List of Bootfitters Across the World


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Thanks for the info! I actually found a pair of boots at Replay Sports that feel nice. I don't have much invested into them but they are going to need some tweaking! Oddly they are still rear-entry, but they have buckles and more ways to fine tune than my ancient ones. They look to be around 10 years old and barely used. While these are not my 'ultimate' in boots, they should tide me over until I can find the boot!!!


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I am in dire need of new boots! I am short and stubby and frankly had tried about 200 pairs of boots on and nothing has been even remotely comfortable. I still ski in my old rear-entry boots. I have added inserts, etc. so they fit better, but I do wish there was someone really willing to work with me on this around here!
I am 5'4" and have wider feet and calves and a very high instep. If you have a body like mine, do not buy Lange boots! No bootfitter will be able to make them fit you properly. Try Dalbellos. And, of course, find a good boot fitter!


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I've read through this thread but didn't see any bootfitters in NYC. Any recommendations, new yorkers?

(I remember a shop that has bootfitting on the UES - anyone been there? Any good?)


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Switzerland (in Deutschschweiz)

I (and many people I know) have had an excellent experience with these guys:

Huwiler Sport
Aettenbergstrasse 6
5630 Muri (AG)
+41 (0) 56 664 34 33

For those that don't speak German, ask for Colin, who speaks excellent English.

First time I went there was mid-season and they didn't have much range left. They told me they wouldn't sell me a boot that wasn't just right, and promised to ring in Autumn to let me know when the new models were in. They kept their promise, then spent more than two hours fitting the right boots and making custom insoles, making mods to the plastic shell etc. Two seasons later and they are still super comfy (well, for ski boots anyway).


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There is a bootfitter in Manhattan called Surefoot. I had a friend that went to them. He is a beginner and they put him in an expert boot that I feel is also too small for him and he is in pain everytime we go skiing. I feel that they also charge way too much. I drove myself to Bootworks over at Mount Snow in Vermont to get my boots fitted. Both Nick and Tom were great and very patient. I spent a 3 day weekend there. I got my boots fitted the first day and I came back in several times each day to get adjustments made. I ended up getting custom insoles too. I still need to go back to get a slight cant put on my left boot to help counter my knock knee. I am so glad I went to them. It is also great to be able to have an adjustment made, go ski a few runs and go back and tell them what was wrong while it is still fresh in your mind.

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There is a bootfitter in Manhattan called Surefoot. I had a friend that went to them. He is a beginner and they put him in an expert boot that I feel is also too small for him and he is in pain everytime we go skiing.

In case you're not aware, Surefoot is a big chain with locations all over the place. I'm sure they guarantee their work. Your friend should go back to them to get things right. He shouldn't have to ski in pain.


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Dieter at Alpina Ski shop in PA
Route 940, White Haven, PA, phone: 570.443.9701

Here's another two thumbs up for Dieter at Alpina Ski shop, just a few minutes away from Jack Frost, PA. He did a superb job for me, in recommending and fitting the right boot for my feet and with making custom footbeds. This could be a good shop for you NYC Divas. I live at the Jersey shore (sigh :frown:) and drove over 1 & 1/2 hours just to see him, based on some positive feedback here on the forum. It was well worth the trip! In the last couple of seasons I've visited shops in Vermont, New Hampshire, and PA to get my boots worked on (or talked into new boots), and Dieter did what I've been wanting all along - fit my dadblasted foot into the right boot! He took the time to evaluate, ask the right questions, respectfully make suggestions and offer me options, leading me gently to the right decision choice, in his mind, which was ultimately what I really wanted to do. Forget the old boots, let's start over!
I'm going to post my review of the new boots and fitting in a separate thread.

His prices were excellent (my new '13 boots he ordered for me were discounted!), he is personable and down to earth, honest, and very good at what he does. You do need an appointment if you want to be assured of getting his help. His shop can get quite busy.


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Another vote for Dieter! Great guy! :thumbsup:


Angel Diva
Dieter now can do canting of boot soles, which is GREAT news. He is as good or better than many of the guys at major ski areas.


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Yes, he has FIXED some issues that Divas have had from boots fitted at those well-known places...


Angel Diva
From what I have read on epicski.com, you can't go wrong with Start Haus. Surefoot is a specific brand of custom boots. I'm sure they are really good, but it is one brand. Start Haus has bootfitters that deal with a variety of brands.


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Stoeckli in Cham (b/t Zurich and Luzern) (new store as of Fall 2012)
Brunnmatt 4
6330 Cham
041 783 86 00
Plenty if not all english speaking sales people


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I have never had a boot fitting before ... can anyone give a sense of cost?

The first bootfitter I went to charged $45/hour, which was how long it took to bump out the shell in the toe and do some shell work, he didn't charge me for the consult. The second charged me $20 for about 45 minutes of work, not including the consult.


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Any suggestions for bootfitters near Palo Alto, CA?

For the earlier question about California Ski Company in Berkeley: my husband had a bootfitting there a couple of years ago and they were fantastic, but their selection of women's boots was tiny. I've emailed them to ask about their selection.


Certified Ski Diva
Paragon Sports in Union Square, NYC has bootfitters on the first floor in the back, towards the left. They have more boots in store than on their website and have an awesome store lifetime warranty.

I purchased my boots there and I can go back anytime to get the liners adjusted as needed. I've must've spent almost 2 hours there! Kara T. was a very patient & knowledgable fitter!!! There was no pressure to buy, they have heaters, and she even trimmed my footbed for me!


There are some great bootfitters here in the Netherlands too... Don't ask me why, though. No mountains, no snow... But still.


Norbert Maier Sports (Norbert Maier is a native Austrian)
Schiedamsedijk 155
3011 EP Rotterdam
+31(0) 104 131 167


MK Skicervice
Leijenseweg 14
3721 BD Bilthoven
+31(0) 302 282 694

Wim Jaquet Sports
Langestraat 111-115
3811 AD Amersfoort
+31(0) 334 618 996

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