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Les Arcs January 2023


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Well, after an abortive couple of years with no Japan, and the worst conditions I’ve ever skied in NZ, finally lugged family over to France


They had a crap start to the season, and I was watching rain destroy the snow at Arc1800 with increasing incredulity -surely the snow gods can’t hate me that much?

The day before we arrived, the sky opened and dumped a glorious 50cm of powder; enough to grip on but not so much as to make the pistes difficult.

i adore this place. The resort doesn’t have any real bunny runs, so from the first day I’ve been skiing slopes that would normally right give me the willies - and I’ve just gained so much confidence simply because I can’t spend the time hanging around the easy stuff. In fact I spent a good amount of time with Trailforks working out non-threatening, easy runs before we came, and now I just don’t want to do them because boring. I’m very risk adverse so that’s a big improvement

it’s also so quiet here: it’s the off season between the European Christmas and half term vacations, almost no lift lines (I paid an extra few euros for the fast lines, but so far haven’t needed to use them).

Theres heavy snow and fog this morning that should clear up towards lunch, so just sitting rugged up on the sofa watching it come down.

so far family are loving it so I’m hoping this will be the first of many Europe trips

(posting from phone so I think photos are sideways)8DBEF8F2-99E7-4EFA-9F97-1FB7B704634E.jpeg463A22D1-D256-4CBD-85AB-30C916F105D0.jpegB77A2931-EA4D-4B6A-8965-25F6852C8E3D.jpegC3F636CA-C2C4-401C-8697-7119BE036B6B.jpeg
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Some of our local kids are there at the moment competing in the Freeride comp :thumbsup:
That’s great! Do you know where they are staying? I know from another forum there’s a small component of non-Europeans here, but I haven’t heard too many familiar accents.
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Another couple from about 2500m yesterday after the snow and clouds cleared off.

husband is planning on tackling the Aiguille Rouge this arv, I’m playing on some nice steepish blues until the kids come back from ski school.

it’s the weekend and it’s so *quiet*


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Thanks for the trip report!

After you upload photo files as Attachments, you can click on Insert to make it easier to see them full-size instead of as "thumbnails." The trick for phone uploads to avoid coming out sideways seems to be to Edit just a little first.
Thanks for the tip, I *think* I’ve done it right this time


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Thanks for the tip, I *think* I’ve done it right this time
Pretty close. No problem with the rotation.

For more than one photo file. Need to choose Insert Multiple, or Insert separately. In Post #6 the first photo is a Full Image and the second is a Thumbnail. Any Diva can click on a Thumbnail and see the photo full size.

The views are spectacular!


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That’s great! Do you know where they are staying? I know from another forum there’s a small component of non-Europeans here, but I haven’t heard too many familiar accents.
I'm not sure but I've heard they did really well in the comp !!! Go the NZ kids :clap:


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Well, we are back home now, both kids got their 3-star award from the ESF and both skied the Aiguille Rouge - not the stupid steep Black at the tope but the red from the gondola running onto the black, which was a real achievement at their ages.
Towards the end of the trip the weather turned seriously cold and the snow quality went a bit sandpapery - it was hard work getting along some of the low angle roads, but the steeper ones were nice and fluffy. Also had issues with some of the locals treating the go slow zones like their personal racing hill, but overall the pistes were relatively quiet and the queues not too bad at the lifts - though on a couple of days paying for the fast lines was worth it.
Family wasn't too traumatised by the flight to get over there - breaking the journey in Seoul both ways was certainly the right call to make though. Some I'm very much hoping they'll want to re-visit next year!

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