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Lange Shadow Line


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So Lange has a new line that sounds amazing on paper and on video. I've been skiing the RX110 for about 5-6 years and really do (hate to admit it) need new boots. Today I stopped by a local ski shop to take a look. I had a nice chat w/the bootfitter but, honestly, I don't understand the physics/mechanics involved. I've seen some descriptions online, but if anyone has a more simplistic explanation for how the new system works I'd love to hear it. I'm a dumb lawyer not a mathematician, physicist or sport biomechanics specialist. Trying to grasp the concept of power transfer is escaping me. :(


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I got my current boots, Dalbello Chakra 95, in 2018. 5 yrs, maybe it's time to update too.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Can't wait to read and see reviews. Neither the website nor the video above seem to do a great job describing the new tech in the boots. I am a lange skier through and through, with many other pairs bought and discarded (sold) almost instantly. I hope this is a solid move forward with good durability.


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Would love to try that boot. But of course at this time, and probably forever, it won't be made in a size 21.:frown:

santacruz skier

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I'm interested as well. My Dalbello Asolo 95's fit quite well but are nearly impossible to get on. First time in 45+ years skiing that I need boot horn to put on.

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