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Killington To Host World Cup Ski Racing for 2 More Years!

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This is big news for Vermont, eastern skiing, and Vermont skiing, in particular:

Killington just signed a contract with FIS to host World Cup Ski racing for two more years!

I attended the Women's World Cup at Killington this past year, and it was amazing! 16,000 people showed up, and the excitement was incredible! (I wrote about it here.) I guess the athletes and the FIS agreed, because they're going to do it again!

Kudos to Killington. They did a great job. And kudos to the FIS to recognizing this.


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World cup.JPG Superstar 3.jpg presidentials in view.JPG I skied Killington yesterday and there is excitement in the air, to be sure. The flags from many nations are flying and anticipation is high. I have never seen so many technical people on the mountain to make sure everything is perfect.

The World Cup Trophy, made by Simon Pearce, was on display in the lodge. A little history: Simon Pearce is the father of Kevin Pearce, the Olympic class snowboarder who suffered a traumatic brain injury in Park City in 2009. The Vermont resident, Simon Pearce, is world class glass designer.

There were so many tech pros on Superstar yesterday, literally inspecting every inch of the snow to make sure it was perfect before the weekend races.

The main road up to K1 Base was filled with generator trailers, media trailers, temporary buildings and tents. And of course, the grandstand was ready.

It's going to be a great weekend.

A little Trip Report. There aren't many runs open, as much of the snowmaking capacity went to coverage on Superstar. The coverage on the runs for mere morals like me was impressive, nevertheless. Top to bottom skiing on intermediate terrain, but it was fun. It was a Blue Bird day with valley temps in the 50s, but the snow was carvable and creamy. It was a great day.

For fun, I added a photo taken from the top of Killington Peak looking at the Presidential Range, almost 90 miles away. I have never seen it so clearly.

World cup.JPG
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Oh, darn, I tried to edit out the second World Cup photo, but I let my time expire.

Here's the photo I meant to add of the venue from the road.
superstar 2.JPG


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I can't. I have committed to a Instructor Clinic at Gore that weekend. I hope to become a ski instructor.


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I noticed that Mikaela Shiffrin was on the cover of Outside Magazine, so I went looking for an online link. Which I found:

...but I also found a brand new New Yorker article about her! Oh I hope this issue is waiting for me at home today. (So much more satisfying to read the actual magazine).

Much luck to her in front of her home crowd this weekend! Everybody post photos!

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