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Killington Getting New Base Lodge

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It's about time! The K1 Lodge there is ancient -- I remember it from when I was a kid -- and totally inadequate.

The new lodge will be 58,000 square feet, up from the 37,000 square feet of the current lodge, and is slated for completion in 2021. It'll have three levels, putting it closer to (and on the same level as) the gondola with a food court on the second level and bar on the third. There'll be seating for 975 (the current lodge seats 650).

You can find more info, as well as renderings of what it'll look like, here.
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I especially like this part quoted below. Skating up and over to the gondola from the bottom of Superstar gets to be a pain after several repeats in a day.

"Despite being 57% larger than the existing facility, the new building's footprint will not extend as far into the ski base area, therefore allowing easier passage from the Superstar complex to the K1 gondola."


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Close to 10 years ago now I checked my black transpack boot bag in the K1 lodge bag check. When I picked it up at the end of the day, I thought I was being helpful by telling the boot check guy, "It's the black transpack" as I handed him my ticket. If what happened next was a movie script, it would be something like:

Boot check guy slowly looks over his shoulder
Camera pans over his shoulder, following his gaze into the depths of the boot check room
We can now see that the boot check room contains approximately 70 million black transpacks
Boot check guy slowly turns head back and makes eye contact for 4-5 seconds
No words are exchanged
Boot check guy, defeated, walks back into boot check room to retrieve what we can only assume is his 500th black transpack of the day

BUT ANYWAYS, the existing K1 lodge has been way over capacity for long time now. Happy to see it's finally getting replaced!

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