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Kastle MX84 Limited Editions


Diva in Training
Hi all - this is my first post to Ski Divas! I currently am bored and looking to add another ski to my quiver. I have a pair of 166 Blizzard Samba, and was thinking of getting a pair of Kastle MX84 in a 160. I've heard great things about Kastle, and was wondering if anyone had an opinion. When I ski, I primarily ski out west and the second ski i was considering would be more groomers and front mountain. I'm an intermediate - advanced skier and I don't find my sambas to be fun when skiing with friends who are primarily beginner intermediates. Those skis don't like to ski at slow speeds!

Susan L

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have both the Kastle MX84 and MX Limited - not the same skis eventhough the specs are similar. I didn’t find the Samba to be great carving skis as they are a bit soft, flappy and sluggish at speed compared to my Kastles. If you are looking for skis that prefers slower speeds, then the MX line will disappoint. Perhaps consider the LX line instead - still high performance but less demanding and more forgiving for those who are not always carving trenches.

Susan L

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Edit: I tried the Samba before and didn’t find them to be good on groomers as they are a bit soft, flappy and sluggish at speed...


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have the mx84 limited. Love them! I’m 5’5 160 ish (currently... covid... sigh) and ski the 160 cm. I was worried getting them that might be too short but it was the only size left when I purchased on sale. I haven’t found a speed limit yet on these skis, and I’ve laid out some pretty high speed turns. I am perfectly happy with the nimble nature of the little shorter length. Super happy with their performance in crud.
I have the Kastle MX83, 163 cm, so it's the older sister to the MX84. I'm 5'3" and about 125 pounds. Have you bought your new skis yet? They are a great front-side carver for a woman who knows how to drive her skis and doesn't mind passing just about everyone else on the way down. The only person in front of me is usually my DH running the MX88. I don't have the will or power to use the MX83 off-piste, on moguls, or crud. It's too much work... but if you feel the need for speed on groomers, the Kastle MX line won't disappoint. Good luck!

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