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Jackson Hole Mountain Resort: Private Instructor recommendation?


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DH planned a family JHMR trip for a few days in a couple weeks and was looking for a couple of instructor recommendations (Last forum post on this topic was over a decade ago!).

DDs are 11 and 10 years old and are advanced skiers. They get about 30 days a season. The 11-yo is interested in freeride, but ideally would like both of them to get comfortable with steeps!

Can anyone recommend a PSIA Alpine 2+ instructor that’s great with kids?

For myself, I’m a (low) intermediate and would love someone who’s patient :smile:

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That's an easy question, PM @snoWYmonkey . She's a L3 instructor at JH and is wonderful. All L3 instructors have to also have Children Specialist 2 certification. I had a semi-private lesson with her and a couple of ski buddies a few years ago. The three of us were not quite at the same advanced level but she made us feel like we were each having a private lesson.

I have another name but will have to look that up.


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I second @snoWYmonkey. If she is not available then Ernie Rodriguez is fabulous. When our son was 10 he had about 10 days with Ernie freeriding all over the mountain. Ernie took him and the two other boys in their group on the headwall hike but did a brief introduction to back country equipment and its use beforehand and kitted them out with backpacks with probes etc. It was the perfect first hike experience and the smiles were huge. We know about the smiles because Ernie took pictures and gave prints to the boys to remember the experience. Safety, skills and technique off piste and on steeps improved greatly.


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Because it is only ten days away and falls on spring break, I highly recommend you call the Mountain sports school sales staff to see who is available for the girls. Asking for level 2 alpine with psia and/or level 2 children's specialist with psia, which is also a good accreditation to have, is a great idea. With 800s or so instructors who all have a right to manage their own schedules it is hard to know if those available will actually take the lesson. Ernie is great, Jeff Silliman, Augusta, Karsten, jesse Prager, Cassie, Beth Carlson, and so many more. There are many I do not kniw as we have lockers in separate buildings, and kid specific instructors meet students in a different area than I mostly do. Many, like myself, teach both and are certified for both. Definitely tell sales staff if freeride is important as we get to see the request notes and accept or turn down lessons based in the requests. Just want to be sure that it is freeride/freeski and not freestyle that interests the one. Steep skiing is a major part of any freeski coaching. We have instructors that coach both. The freeski ones are decent in the park, but more focused on steeps compared to the freestyle ones. I hope this insomnia post makes sense...


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Just got back from Jackson Hole and had a great day skiing with @snoWYmonkey!
Thank you so much! You make teaching a delight. We love it when our guests are open to trying new approaches with their skiing technique. Looking forward to next winter.

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