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It's that time of the year, rheindeer sighting!!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
CUTE!!! :laugh: I have been looking out for a Santa hat for Huey. That, and someone who can take a decent pic (because Mr. Serafina, lord love him, cannot). I might be changing my tune and looking for antlers now!!

Nice pinto, by the way!


Instructor PSIA L 3, APD Alpine Ski training MHSP
Thanks he's a registered American Paint but he carries his tail a lot like an arab especially when he is not quite comfortable about his what's going on. The first time he was in a dressage arena with a big scary judges booth he flagged so high he looked like a saddlebred! Lol! Darla (little girl) rides him western, barrels and pole bending doesn't seem to phase him, but I school him at training level in dressage judges booths can freak him out! Lol! all and all he's a pretty nice all around horse.

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