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Is ski season over in Australia?

ski diva

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Could be.

The state of Victoria has moved to the tightest stag of lockdown (Stage 4) in and around Melbourne, and the rest of the state has been upped to Stage 3, which severely restricts travel. So that could mean the end of skiing in the entire state, at least for now.

There's still skiing in New South Wales, but if the trend continues, then who knows how long that'll go on.

The cases in Australia aren't near what they are in the US; the country seems a lot more sensitive about this than we seem to be. Remember, Vail closed Hotham and Falls Creek when they were seeing less than 200 cases per day in a population of 6.4 million.

Any Aussies want to chime in here?

ski diva

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And now, word is that Vail Resorts will not reopen lift operations at Falls Creek and Hotham for the rest of the year. They closed July 9 after Melbourne was elevated to Stage 3 and the New South Wales border closed. The resorts had been open for less than a week. At the time, Vail said it would assess reopening after Aug. 19, but the latest restrictions caused them to close them down.


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Just heard that news about Falls Creek and Hotham from my Australian ski friend too :( Sounds like Perisher is still going strong - that's where they ski - they are very concerned about cases from Victoria reaching NSW though.


Angel Diva
Skiing is probably over in the state of Victoria for this season. Perisher (owned by Vail Resorts) continues to operate in New South Wales. The weather hasn't been that cooperative lately though. A snowstorm turned into rain last weekend.

As @fgor noted in another thread, while New Zealand was business as usual for the ski resorts for a while, things are changing because of a local transmission case detected recently. Now NZ resorts will be using capacity limits similar to Australia.



Certified Ski Diva
Yep, resort skiing in Victoria is done for the season and the boarder to NSW won’t be opening anytime soon, not that we can go anywhere in stage 4 lockdown. I’m just hoping restrictions might ease enough that we can do some spring back country before the snow melts. Silver lining is that this has been the worst season in Victoria we’ve seen for many years (NSW has fared a little better), so there would have been limited terrain anyway. If we had to have a terrible season, at least it’s come in the year we can’t ski anyway.


Angel Diva
The last week of August was pretty nice at Perisher apparently. The ongoing Perisher thread on the Aussie ski forum has lots of pictures. There was a powder storm followed by a few cold days. Then the wind kicked up, which is apparently pretty normal. There are over 45 lifts at Perisher, so when there is wind hold, can usually still find somewhere to ski. The capacity limits have meant little issues with lift lines even on powder days. But traffic has been worse midweek than traditionally. Only one 2-lane road that goes to the resort.

September is late season spring skiing. VR released more tickets recently.

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