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Inline skating


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I'm fortunate that in Florida I've a bike trail that parallels the water. It's perfect because as I learned and really anytime I'm concerned about a fall, I just step off onto the grass. They just repaved it this winter so few cracks.

Here in SC, again the bike trail (car lane wide where railroad tracks used to be) is perfect-traffic only the 3 places it crosses roads, few cracks and places to rest or step off.

I've also used business parking lots on the weekend when no cars and my neighborhood sidewalks or streets, but my neighborhood is quite old and there are lots of serious cracks and I'm not so great on the hills.....


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We have several trails around town - the paved McKellop Walkway, the paved/bricked/sidewalk/boardwalk Clam River Greenway, and a section of the White Pine Trail Linear State Park, which they finally asphalted.....it's quite lovely for skating except the sections where snowmobiles are allowed, then it's AWFUL. I live on a dirt road right off a main state thoroughfare, so I have to drive somewhere to skate.

Where I used to live, I just skated on the streets of the subdivision across the street.

Fluffy Kitty

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When I think of carving on skates, it is more of how you complete the push. Push from your heel and almost make a "C" shape before lifting up.
I think that's what I do... It sounds like a little bit of smearing, rather than pure carving, to use ski terms. I'll need to be more conscious of it. Thanks!

I've gotten into a habit of accelerating with just the toes lifting, with heels staying on the ground, and it seems to simulate the outside ski motion pretty well.

After New Year's, ski season started with a race weekend and I was wayyyyy ahead of the others because rollerblading is such a great cross training! I haven't anything else as good for ski season prep!
Cool. :clap: I'm nowhere near racing, but every season I can do more, with less fatigue, and less aching afterward. Yay!

I started experimenting with climbing stairs, now that I have stronger and more balanced legs, up just a couple of flights at work. I think my bad knee is not too sure about it, but hasn't really protested, yet. Still taking the elevator down, however.

Fluffy Kitty

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Stair-climbing backfired, and my bad knee was really acting up, but I went skating anyway, because I hadn't gone for a few weeks. I needed to stop a bit early because of an odd hip pain, but the knee pain was gone! Stairs don't bother me so much, either, going up or down. Go figure. I think I'm ready to add back the squats.

Six more months!

Fluffy Kitty

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Yeah, I have a cheap RiteAid brand insoles in my skates, which also improved the fit. :smile: I'm debating whether to replace the wheels and buy a new pair of skates; either way, I'll probably upgrade the insoles, too.
Get the new skates! I got new K2 Alexis this year and after a couple of times when I was not quite sure about them (including not figuring out the lacing, thanks @badger !) I totally love them. I am faster than I was on my Rollerblades, this may be the skates or because I'm stronger, either way I'll take it. And the ~$40 spent on the Superfeet really is worth it.
Fun seeing this. :smile:

I'm actually thinking of starting out on inline skates this summer because it seems like great cross training for skiing movements, but know virtually nothing about it. Been looking at K2 skates online but it's not clear what the major differences are between the models. What are you getting if you spend more??

I'm assuming that I'll want to go to a shop and try on a few pairs to get the right boot fit . . . kinda like ski boots. :smile: That should be fun. I also intend to buy wrist and knee guards. Do you guys use elbow guards as well??
Yes join us! The higher end models have bigger wheels and higher quality bearings=faster. Plus they have different lacing systems.

It is fantastic cross training and much easier on the knees than running. I have always bought my skates online. It is not quite like getting ski boots, so long as they fit and have plenty of ankle support. But others may have different experiences with this.

As far as safety gear, always wear a helmet. A bike helmet works great. And wrist guards. I used to wear knee pads but they were bulky and uncomfortable so now I don't. Risk/benefit. And no elbow guards for same reason.

It is so fun, you will love it @Skisailor!
Thanks for the advice! :smile: I'm really looking forward to getting started . .

So the higher end skates are mostly about better wheels? What about the boot support . . was wondering if the less expensive ones have softer boots with less support. . . .


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K2 is a good brand...the boots fit well and the bearings are good. And yes to the protective gear. Not sure where you might skate, but dogs on retractable leashes are my nemesis. If you can find someone that has taught ice skating, either hockey or beginner, go with them. I was lucky that a ski buddy was a skating coach before she got into skiing. We used to go non rainy mornings for 1/2 to 3/4 hr. She taught me our Can-skate way, which is how the Canadian figure skaters start. Very efficient way to skate.

Once you get the hang of it, you'll start looking for small downhill grades that you can slalom down!!
Thanks Jilly . . good advice. :smile:

One of my best friends in the world was a competitive figure skater. She has tutored me a bit on ice skates and I'm thinking she'll be able to help me with this too.

I'll be back and forth east and west for awhile this year - still looking for places to skate when I'm in the east. But when I'm in Bozeman, believe it or not, I'll be skating at the Bozeman airport . . . . amongst the hangars . . . Lots of space with limited public access and no dogs. :smile: And a chance to practice in a slalom course set up with cones.

I'm really looking at this mostly for practicing skiing movement patterns . . not primarily as an aerobic workout.


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We have a wonderful waterfront trail. The cobblestone bridges are fun, but.....I need to get out on mine. One of my DB crew mates mentioned it on Tuesday. I have a pair of Salomon's. Now discontinued....


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Except that it passes the water treatment plant.....But yes its great. As oppose to Champagne powder, its Champagne asphalt!! Level and marked in lanes, except for the 2 bridges that are cobblestones...


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Love this thread as now I will be getting back on the skates at least 2x a week ;)

@Skisailor @Fluffy Kitty @dianakate

so revelation - re: carving and K2 skates...... Since I am in need of new wheels was looking up replacing, I have 4++ (?) y.o. "Athena" K2 skates which have the aluminum frame, kind of a hybrid between the current Alexis Boa and the Athena.... well I was reading that they have different sized wheels -- [Wheels/Bearings: Wheels: 84/80mm Hi-Lo, 80a] and thought it strange that 2 different sized wheels hmmm..... then I checked mine and sure enough same set up. Luckily neighbor of mine former professional roller skate/ in line trick instructor etc... so I asked him his response was that this set up would make the skates "carve" better ... said usually if you were going to change out the wheel size you would have small/big/ big/ small wheels to make a "rocker" set up.... so thinking the K2 set up on the Alexis and Athena are more "ski" friendly if you want to carve......

I do have a lot of fun "carving" with them ..... however, Im not so fond of the boot (may have changed in current skate), since I have wider feet (its a race fit for sure) -- I go barefoot, use drugstore ankle supports on each foot to get rid of the rub mentioned on this post. But they have held up very well ...... as far as protective gear - I would go with wrist guards that are "flat" not bent.... and what ever you think you need......
I have been in line skating for about 20 years! I currently own k2 Celena skates with 100 mm wheels. I skate on the river levee to the Ocean (in Santa Cruz) and back and is about 4-5 miles. Although, one of the best places in California to skate is Santa Monica. It is very popular there for all ages - many older women and men are in line skating there. You can skate along the ocean for miles and miles. My BF also in line skates and thinks it is great cross training for skiing… I agree!

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