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I'm officially a skipper now!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@Skisailor , I think we're going to buy our first sailboat! (DRUM ROLL……) We're going to get a used 420 from a fleet that is being replaced for youth racing. It's going to cost us all of $1350. Yea! This is my kind of way to get sailing. Cheap, and small enough that my little kids can take it out by themselves. Woo hoo!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Thanks! :smile:

I'm not in Bozeman full time so I still get back to sail my boat on the Chesapeake. But that said, Ursula Howland - the long time Big Sky ski instructor who has posted here a few times, also sails/races, and she told me they do have sailing regattas up on Canyon Ferry Lake near Helena. It's a huge lake - like 20 miles long - and not too far from Bozeman. So I'd love to see if I can pop up there sometime and crew for somebody.
Were you ever able to make it to Canyon Ferry? I used to spend a lot of time there haven't been in years.


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@Skisailor , I bought a REAL boat in August. I am so excited! I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE sailing her and wish I could do it everyday. Our kids love it, too. I expect her to be a part of the family even past my grandchildren.

She was a wooden boat built in the 50's. In 2011 the Wooden Boat School in Brooklin Maine rebuilt her completely, and they did it very well. Now she has an epoxy skin over wood (not fiberglass skin) so she won't leak. Everything is new excpet the lead keel and the original bronze hardware, which is beautiful. She is simply rigged, no traveller, etc., and I doubt I'll ever put one on her. She sails very well. Best part is that she's a part of the history of our region. She's part of the local one design fleet desgined for the yacht club in the 30's. Most of them are still in the harbor, sailed often, and very loved. Wanted to share my good news!

Attaching some pics. The first is from earlier in the summer before I owned her. Local sailor (an expert) sailed her in a race and beat even the J-80's. That won't happen with me as skipper, for sure. If I can figure out how to upload a video without putting it online first, I'll add one. Video is with two youngest kids on a great Septebmer sail.

I am so excited!!

David in Osprey.jpg Osprey back.jpg


Angel Diva
She is GORGEOUS! I'm so jealous !! And it's awesome that the kids love it too. Sailing is such a wonderful thing to expose them to. What a gift! :smile:
Your boat is gorgeous. Congratulations.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Had to upload the video to YouTube anyway to get it here. It's about 30 minutes of sailing in a brisk breeze, maybe 12 knots.

Duh. The video is 30 SECONDS of sailing, not 30 minutes! Good grief. Got that one wrong. I wouldn't ask anybody to sit through half an hour of me sailing!

30 SECONDS for the video!


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Beautiful!! Keep enjoying!! What a great family past time!! Congrats!! and super piece of history!!

I miss sailing I've sailed a lot w/a friend (now deceased) we raced on the Great Sacandaga quite a bit. I was the Spinnaker girl.. Loved popping that sail out of the bag and letting her fly!

Just re-reading this post ahh the no wind days we had a water gun cannon to shoot our competitors or jet skiers that came too close. Tip for no wind when the yarn on the lines wouldn't even lift, I would bring incense w/me to find the breath of wind that could take us out of the Dull-drums..

Love the video.. love the sound of the water and the wind in the sails!! Have too much fun!!!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
That would have been so much fun! I remember one race on Lake Michigan where we were reduced to seeing who could kill the most flies.

@deannatoby - nice boat!

Yea, I think that's a GREAT idea. Trust me, with two pre-puberty boys around we've got plenty of water-power we could bring along.

Most of our club members are...full of wisdom. (That's sounds better than "really old.") That means I'll probably have to be careful who's in the crosshairs!

Incense idea is genius, too.

I wish I could sail every day. My ideal life: sail every day for six months and ski every day for six months with my kids. And have a chef and a maid. And weekly massages.

Homeschooling keeps me busy now and off the water. Suddenly, public/private school looks soooooooooooo good. Hmmmmm...............

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