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Ikon Pass stories for 2018-19


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Through the employee of IKON reorts discounted reciprocity tickets I did benefit from the program in Niseko. Please be aware that it can take up to 30 minutes for them to figure things out if not at the main ticket window in Hirafu (niseko has multiple base areas). As is the nirm they were were kind and apologetic. Not sure how much training on the passes they received.
Got a reminder email about the fact that Ikon Base is blacked out at most of the locations for the holiday weekend, Feb. 16-17. There was also a reminder for MLK weekend.


Staff member
Yes and we're not blacked out at all. Diva East starts the end of your stay. I should be there the first weekend and may be there the 16th or I'm doing taxi service from Ottawa that day for Diva East.
This Ikon video about a group of women meeting up for a ski vacation on a regular basis made me think of the recent Diva East at Tremblant, as well as Diva West at Aspen/Snowmass. I assume the Ikon pass was used by some of the Divas.

“Up here is where we escape. Distractions disappear, our priorities become each other.”

Every year, Emma and her three best friends journey to the mountains to reconnect and celebrate their long-time friendship. Despite being spread out from Colorado to England, they make these trips happen. When life gets a little crazy, the mountains bring them together again, reminding them how special these moments are.

It’s a testament to the enduring friendships of women, and their ability to go through life supporting each other. For over a century, International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8, emphasizes the unity, respect, strength, success, and appreciation of women around the world. These values come through in the mountains, where our best selves shine.

Through daily struggles, life changes, and new journeys, Emma’s girls remain a constant. Like the mountains in the distance, they’re always there, ready for another adventure.

“Here’s to this trip, to the next trip, and to all the trips after.”
With Ikon for 2019-20 available, I'm debating whether to stick with Ikon Base or go for the Full Ikon. So far this season, I've used Ikon Base to the max of 5 days at Taos and Big Sky, with a trip to Alta/Snowbird coming up. Also sampled northeast locations in the northeast (Killington-1, Stratton-1, Sunday River-2). Having Ikon definitely changed where I skied on northeast ski safaris in December and March.

Ikon info for 2019-2020 has begun to dribble out
DH and I got the Ikon Pass this year so that we could take our honeymoon out west and still take a Killington trip in the spring. Also going to try to hit up Snowshoe at some point since that is included.

We looked into the discount that Jackson Hole has on lodging for Ikon pass holders, but it wasn't cheaper than going through Travelocity.

I'll report back once we get a chance to use them!
How many days did you get out of you Ikon pass? Still more days at Killington to come?

Snowshoe is is great shape for late March. I imagine there are Ikon holders who are considering the drive for this weekend.


Diva in Training
Unfortunately, as a local, resident and season pass holder at a major - very major - ski resort which shall remain nameless, the IKON Pass seems also to allow holders to:
-Ignore the niceties of local etiquette, not alternating in line or filling chairs but allowing them to go up half empty on busy days, skiing across others’ skis, (& not just in line!), & colliding with or knocking fellow skiers down without stopping
-Throw trash onto the slopes from the lift rather than in the receptacles at lift stations, or
litter anywhere & everywhere.
-Tip stingily because, “Do you know how expensive it is here?”
(Trust me, they DO. They live here & have to eat & pay rent.)
- Not returning, or responding to, a friendly greeting, a smile, “Where are
you from?”, or even, “Have a Great Day”!

Perhaps it’s because it’s relatively cheap, or maybe because IKON skiers feel no loyalty, affection or responsibility to the multiple resorts they visit on their IKON passes. But whatever the cause, these visitors are a very different animal with very different habits than we have EVER experienced before! It is extremely difficult the extend the warm (state) welcome for which we’re famous to folks who extend no common courtesy in return.
Clearly this does not pertain to every pass holder, but enough qualify to have made this a somewhat unpleasant season despite stellar conditions.


Angel Diva
Turns out that Deer Valley has a special webpage for Ikon holders who want to reserve a ticket in advance. DV has always limited the number of day tickets. Although I think I read that the limit was raised relatively recently.


I got a quick reply from the email address for DV Ticketing, which included the link. The reply from DV Marketing took a few days and said that no advance ticket reservation would be required for next week (first week of April, last week DV is open) when I'm planning to go check out DV for the first time.
Looking back at how I used Ikon Base, I ended up using it for 15 days for an average cost of about $47/day given that I paid $699 in the fall. That was based on also having the MCP and using 2 or 3 days at three destination resorts (Taos, Big Sky, Alta).

Anyone use the Ikon Base enough to pay less than $45 per ski day? If so, what region(s)?
I had the full pass, but paid $800 due to the Costco deal of $200 back in the fall. That is the only pass I had, and got into the low $30s per day with it so far. Still planning some more ski days, so we’ll see where I end up. I used it mostly in New England and then for diva west in Aspen as well.


Staff member
Except that I added in some extra's you can get for Tremblant. They have a privileges package with a tune-up, 20 coffee/tea/hot chocolates and extra discounts for on resort stuff. Also I put on the "express pass" that gets you through the Montengaards gate for access to the lifts. So it really would be more.


Staff member
I didn't realize that we paid less last year. Thought it was the same as this year. And that amount is after the exchange rate.

Some days were only 3 runs, but....some were full days.