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Ikon info for 2019-2020 has begun to dribble out

@diymom looks like MA is being left out!! Haha I haven’t gotten mine yet either, but seeing people all over the Ski the East and Ikon Passholders groups on Facebook posting that they’ve gotten theirs the last few days. I’ve seen people from all over, including CT and NH getting theirs, where are ours? Ski magazine starting arriving as well today and I haven’t gotten that either. Boo


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I wish they didn't include something made with soft plastic - the keychain is not really environmentally friendly/ etc and not my choice for something I would chose to handle everyday.

PVC? phthalate free?
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I know that on social media everyone has been excitedly showing off their new passes arriving along with the stickers etc. Someone posted in the Ikon group that they didn’t think they should include all of this stuff and had a whole lot of people disagreeing.. either they liked it all for stoke sake, or their kids did stuff with it etc. So it does appear there are two opinions here from the overall target audience. However, a good idea that came out of the “discussion” was that it would be nice if Ikon gave you the option at checkout of whether you want to receive all of the stuff or not. Then everyone can get what they want without restricting or forcing it on everyone else with a different preference. I guess I always expected a new pass since that’s what I get at my regular mountain, do some places not provide a new one each year?

I think going to ski expos you can agree that people love swag, they pack their bags full of stickers, trail maps, posters, key chains, etc etc etc., so I’m not surprised that a lot of people like it in this case as well. I like the stickers, but the rest I could do without.

Side note, I’m able to see my mail electronically before it’s delivered, and it looks like my pass should finally be here today!!! I’ve been really annoyed seeing everyone else’s coming in and mine being absent haha.
Me! But this year I’m going to limit it to the things I actually use— goggle wipes and lip balm. Can’t ever seem to have enough of those.
Agreed! My first year or two I took everything I could, and then realized I didn’t have a use for a lot of it. Now I limit it to what I know I’ll use.
I guess I always expected a new pass since that’s what I get at my regular mountain, do some places not provide a new one each year?
Mammoth pass of the past just carried on. But maybe there's a good reason to get a new pass that I'm just not aware of, from the tech point of view, after all.

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My local mountains season passes were different color every year, but the Epic pass stays the same if you renew for the same pass.

Re: swag — my guess is it’d cost more to put together separate packages than the pennies for the swag you are throwing away. Then there would be people who’d call up and ask for them ‘cause they changed their mind, or they didn’t get them but said yes, etc.


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I did emailed the contact for the Ikon pass regarding the plastic key chain not being environmentally friendly. I received an interesting prompt response. The person I emailed hadn't seen the packet, didn't know what was in it but told me to give the key chain to the ticket counter at my resort, that way they could "recycle" it to someone who wanted it. They will forward my comments to the appropriate department.

They need some marketing help.


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My Toronto ski pal has received his Ikon today.
May be the previous pass holders are receiving it first.
Nothing for me as a new passholder yet...

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