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If I could change one thing about skiing, it would be.....

ski diva

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I know we all love skiing. But no love is perfect. If you could change one thing about skiing, what would it be?

For me, it'd be:

1) The high cost of lift passes. I wish the walk-up lift ticket rates were lower. I understand that resorts need to make money. And that the season is limited. And yes, there are lots of deals out there. But still....
2) I wish ski boots would fit like bedroom slippers. Yeah, my boots are comfortable. But I'm speaking in general terms. It'd be great if, as a rule we'd put on ski boots and go ahhhhhhhhhhh.......

Okay, that's more than one.

What about you?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Totally agree on your two items. I would love an easier way to get everything between the car and the lift. It's just such a hassle, especially when you've got a six year old in tow. I do not love carrying two pairs of skis while walking in ski boots and prodding a very slow-moving tired-out kiddo through the village...


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
OK, I'm the weirdo because my ski boots are just about the most comfortable footwear I own.

But I COMPLETELY agree about the out-of-control/refuse-to-take-a-lesson types. Probably since I got hockey-checked by one (skier, and MY age!) a few weeks ago. Had it not been for a very large pile of soft powder snow I'd have been seriously hurt. Idiot.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Oh, agree on the out-of-control speed demon idiots!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I would change the some of the lifts in New Zealand to Gondolas!!!!

I would also like ski snobs banned, or at least put in their place and forced to be more down to earth, do some volunteer work in a poor nation and have their money taken off them for month :smile: :smile:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
1. The boots!
2. Having to carry all my gear up and down from my third-storey apartment.
3. Waking up early on weekends.
4. The long drive to and from the hill. Especially if the weather's bad.

Basically, I'd get rid of all the preparation and everything that happens BEFORE getting out on the hill. Once I'm up there, it's all good. But it sure is a schlep to get going.


Angel Diva
I'm with Segacs. The waking up early and the driving. I know I could live closer to the slopes, or I could ski at one of the areas closer to Seattle, but I like where I live and I like Crystal Mt, which is almost 2 hours away. Clearly some sort of teleportation device is in order.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I think my biggest issue is the freezer ride on the chair lift followed sweating bullets on the ski back down. Admittedly, I'm often in the trees where I work harder, but I find the temperature differential hard to manage. Recently bought a softshell neck scarf that has velcro in the back so you can easily take it off, and I'm always switching from goggles to glasses once off the lift. Wha, wha, poor me! :brr: Maybe if I learned to ski trees more efficiently ... :ski2:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
standardized boot flex numbers- they have the Din for bindings, why no standard for boot flex?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
1. That the Alps were located in south east England, and/or
2. That I lived in a country with proper mountains;
3. That the euro plummeted in value against sterling and there was a property crash in the ski chalet market so that I could afford one;

Meanwhile...back In the real world...something that could in theory be changed...it would be great to have "in bounds" patrolled off piste skiing here in the Alps. Not that it stops anyone...I gather there's a myth going round in North America that no-one skis off piste here in Europe. You only have to see the tracks all over the mountains just from today to know that that is rubbish. But it's all at our own risk. Trouble is, the area is so huge, I'm not sure they could delineate an area capable of being managed that way; it might give people a false sense of security'.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
The average Brits attitude to lessons and the snobbery that goes with it. I like lessons, I like pushing myself, I want to be able to confidently ski the whole mountain and not worry about taking a wrong turn on the piste map and ending up on something I can't enjoy safely.

With an average 6-12 days on mountain and maybe 6 days on either a dry slope or in a dome per year that allows for little progress at a time and a long time between sessions to lose it again.

It seems that once the average Brit can get down a red they feel no need to continue learning. Whilst I understand that skiing is a social holiday and people don't want to feel like they are on a timetable and have little freedom to choose their own agenda surely the increase in confidence and freedom on the mountain that a couple of lessons per holiday gives you is worth it? I usually sign up to 3x2hr lessons in the morning or 2x3hr private lessons on the 1st and 3rd day then ski freely with the group the rest of the time.

It annoys me when a group of us go together and I'm pressured to not bother with lessons "because you don't need them" or "we came away to ski together" or "save your money for the bar". Yes my friends are a lot of fun and they are pretty fearless but they are not actually great skiers (not that I am) and they sometimes worry me with the decision making of which runs to take at what speed. Straightlining the hill is all well and good when your trying to maintain momentum for the upcoming flat/incline but not for enjoying a great run, besides, the less time spent on lifts the better.

Before the other Brits on here get offended I am not suggesting everyone is the same, the sheer fact you girls are on here would suggest your serious about your skiing and probably don't take the view above x

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