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I gave up my ski pass for 20-21


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A seasonal locker is $1400 for one season??? Wow. I think it’s a few hundred at Sunday River where I ski.
LOL. I think I pay $115. since I've had one for so long. Lockers are "rent controlled" to a degree. Nevertheless, I have no desire to spend time in a locker room, so I'm looking for a good Thule Box for my car (where I'll also be doing happy hour in the parking lot).
Just called in my pass "rollover" today.
I do have other, smaller places to ski, though. Just not ready or willing to jump through the big-resort hoops. It will be fine.
What hoops were you concerned with at Sugarloaf this year? It seems like Boyne has some of the easiest plans for their seasonpass holders to ski compared to others this year. As in no reservations required etc. I'd guess the only thing would be if one wanted or needed to use the lodge much, but I think that will be an issue everywhere this season.
FYI for anyone with a New England Pass.. Loon sent an email update today saying that rollover decisions are being pushed to January 15th. Haven't received updates from the Maine resorts yet, but I assume it will apply to all of them.
My hub retired after 27 years on the patrol and . He wanted to take medical leave since he's having surgery in Dec, but they wouldn't give me the family pass benefit. So he went to Alumi status, and we get our lifetime pass (25+ years patrolling) He wasn't sure about everything but COVID made it easy to decide. He can get reinstated next year if he maintains his OEC which he did this fall.


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Well this is the first year I have purchased a pass- decided to count on NH (Bretton Woods) to be friendly to MA this winter - plus with a kid pass cost being so inexpensive we went for it. We break even with around 10 days on the snow. We didn’t want to be locked out of high season dates by not having a pass.

Mary Tee

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I got the Empire discount card this year instead of the ski 3 unlimited pass for Gore, Whiteface and Belleayre. Without renting a house this year, I just don’t think I will make the 4-6 hour drive enough to make a season pass pay.
I am also really unhappy with the State of New York about their senior rate policy. Their senior rates for day passes starts at 65, the senior rate for Mt Van Hovenberg (the state run XC facility) season pass starts at 65, but the senior rate for downhill season passes doesn’t start until age 70. How does this make sense? I emailed the governor and got a response from the director of Whiteface, which basically said, yes, these are the rules. If I know NY, next year they will raise everything to age 70. ☹️
I met a skier at Mammoth who doesn't even live there but has skied every single day they've been open for a total of 9 days! His attitude is to ski while he can and pay for his IKON pass. I guess 9 days is a good start!

We have 3 days so far and will ski a couple of hours tomorrow. I'm not so sure about our Keystone Local pass. We don't intend to fly and it's a long drive. And I'm not sure if they will be welcoming Californians.
I'd originally planned to go with Crescent Ski Council to Steamboat Race Camp and Telluride (my favorite place to ski) each for a week in CO. But, when it came time to pay late May/early June, I thought there were too many risks and I opted out. But, I'd paid the first week of March (before I knew how bad COVID-19 would be and how long it'd affect our lives. for both an Epic midweek Northeastern pass to ski Okemo, VT & Sunapee, NH on my late winter annual trek to VT and for the Cataloochee, NC midweek pass. Fortunately, if I don't get to go to VT then (and it's now not looking like that will be possible), I can apply that to the next season and I may just go on Tuesdays this winter to NC and ski Tues-Wed-Thurs lots of weeks. As someone else alluded to, it'd be better to skip this season entirely than not be able to swim and ski future seasons because of lung damage or death...


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Fortunately, if I don't get to go to VT then (and it's now not looking like that will be possible), I can apply that to the next season
Are you sure about that? ‘Cause I thought only resort closure warrants an automatic deferral?

But there maybe other clauses that applies that I haven’t thought of?
Is there a deadline one need to request the deferral?


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@ling - The two big guys are allowing you to defer your pass till next year. You would have to check with your pass as to what date you have till. I think I heard that Ikon is now allowing till March 2021. So as long as you don't use it by then, you can defer it.


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Killington has a fairly liberal policy regarding resort closure due to COVID, but the refund is applied to next year in the form of a credit. There is a policy regarding the number of days you ski, the number they are closed, etc. The deadline for full refund back in cash was 11/20/20 for Kton.

I have so many reasons to refund now. Vermont is serious about protecting their residents amd I’m not going to violate their mandate. Applying credit toward next year doesn’t make sense for me at this time.

I had to make a informed decision based on my circumstances. YMMV


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I'm still hopeful that resorts have prepared for the season and that we will be able to ski in Vermont in January. Kids have been learned how to quarantine quite well, and have managed to stay covid-free, despite being in an area that saw huge spikes during the fall. Getting the test may be tricky for us, though, because PA hasn't made it easy to get one.

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