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How'd you find TheSkiDiva.com?


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We should be getting a new member from Indiana soon! The SO saw the Ski Diva sticker on my helmet on the chair lift today, and asked me all about it. He said he's definitely going to have the GF join up. How cool is that?? :cool:

ps. That was the 3rd person who asked me about it today, but he was the only one I actually got to chat with for more than a minute. :smile:

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That is so cool! After all, who wouldn't want to be a Diva? :D


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I found The Ski Diva when I was looking online to see if I could sell my ski boots to anyone (got fit poorly, ruined a season, finally got a pair that fits). Anyway, I was hoping I'd be able to find someone who could use the boots and I found a great site!


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We (meaning Lil and I) talked to several people and posted this site info at the Women's Alpine Adventures this weekend at Okemo, VT. So maybe we will see some new divas from that program? I surely hope so! :smile:

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Great, Lola! Appreciate your spreading the Diva word. The more, the merrier! :D


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Like many others, I was (obsessively) googling for information about different skis. The K2 burnin luv is what got me here, very HAPPILY here. I wonder if that is a sign for a potential purchase.....


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How I found TheSkiDiva.com

It's not a good powder year, so my Pocket Rockets don't fit the bill for the gnarly and mixed snow conditions this year in Utah----so I was on a quest to find the perfect all mountain ski. I demoed some Atomic Divas that were promising, but wanted to find something more perfect. Googling for ATOMIC DIVA and women's all mountain ski gear eventually sent me to this site!!:cool:


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My boyfriend posts regularly on Epic... although I post there every so often, I never noticed the links to this site til he forwarded them to me today.. specifically the thread regarding ski length.

This looks like a great site! I am glad I found it.


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I was googling for ski reviews last year and found some on Epic; forgot about it; and went looking for it about something else again this last week because there had been a lot of information there. Somewhere over there, I saw a link to here, and followed it because they're kinda intimidating over there! Such a happy coincidence :smile:
I was researching ski length size and this site was the most informative. I have learned more about gear and equipment and skiing in general in the few weeks since I've been a "Diva" than I have in 3 years of reading magazines and articles.

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You just made my day. :smile:

We have a lot of terrific members with a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight. I agree -- it's one of the things that make this site so great.


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Ski Diva said:
We have a lot of terrific members with a tremendous amount of knowledge and insight. I agree -- it's one of the things that make this site so great.

Don't kid yourself. We know nothin'!!! Nothin', I tell ya, NOTHIN'!!! :D


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Just found this thread. I thought I’d resurrect it. I also found SkiDiva on Epic from one of the women who posts there pretty regularly. I enjoy the Barking Bears, but many on the site can be overly competitive and condescending. This is a great forum. The women are supportive, funny, and balanced.


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finding SkiDiva

Like Sheena, my BF reads & posts on Epic and, although I occasionally read Epic, I never posted. My guy encouraged me to check out SkiDiva and, once I did, I HAD to sign up!:D


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I believe I was researching boots and came across this site. I'm so glad I found you. I know 100 times more about boots and skis now than I did before.

I appreciate the wealth of opinions here. By putting together what everyone thinks and sorting out what applies to my own needs, I've been able to come up with the right boot fit and the right skis. I hope.

I've also received personal messages from several well-informed people who have shared their knowledge generously.

Thank you for a beautiful website with great people.


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just surfin the web looking for a good price for a pair of skis I wanted and somehow Ski Divas came up on the search engine. Glad it did.

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Finding Ski Diva

I think I found it in a link from Skilikeawoman.com, either that or I saw it on Epic. Glad it's here!


The guys were so helpful! ;) Every time I asked a question about a women ski, SOME one would mention skidiva. Unfortuantely, the site skidiva.com is a site with a similar name from a woman pro skier promoting her teaching. So it took several try before I got here.

I first got wind of this site from Epic, which I frequently browse. Then, it was realskier.com that someone actually posted a link to the real site (instead of skidiva.com)

Unlike most people, I'm not phased by the heart thumping on Epic. The amount of REAL information is VAST. Probably one of the best "opinion" sites for outdoor pursuits. (note: by "opinion" I mean personal, first hand, experience, with technical insight/information. Being a women techie, I really appreciate that)

This site is different. It's more human, more of a women's touch, if I may say so. I like both this and Epic. The two compliments each other. I'm glad for you both. :smile:

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