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Welcome to us, @EdithP! I confess that I once ended up in Poland accidentally when we didn't realized that we wouldn't have to show our passports to do so and went to see where the island highway in Germany ended until suddenly all the signs were in Polish!!!!! It was a fun adventure and we had lunch and shopped while we were there!
Yes, that happens to unprepared people ! NB, what a wonderful world in which you can roam without passport controls. I remember a summer in 1970s when , by a special stroke of luck, I landed a summer job in Andorra, as a student. All around me people were doing daily shopping in France or Spain control free, ad tried to talk me into it too, saying that nobody checks anything anyway, but I would not risk it. In the end though, tempted by the vicinity of those fantastic destinations, I applied for a Spanish visa by post and got it. Then I had a ball travelling to Madrid, Toledo, Valentia , Barcelona on an interrail ticket, when it finally hit me that I won't be able to return to France without another visa. Took plenty of red tape and botheration (what was I doing there as a Polish citizen anyway? those were still the days of Cold War and General Franco) and when I finally landed a French visa, they charged me so much for it that my holiday job money was almost spent. Those were the days and I hope they will never return!
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