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How'd you find TheSkiDiva.com?


Certified Ski Diva
Found this site through looking for gear reviews! So glad I found it as it's been a veritable fountain of loveliness. :smile:


Angel Diva
I can't remember, but I found it, then lost touch, now am back cooking with gas.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Via my awesome google-fu skillz. :cool:


Certified Ski Diva
Good old google brought me here when I was searching for reviews of particular skis. Glad I found it too!:smile:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
google research for a pair of skis-saw that it is only for women
and here i am....:yahoo:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I don't have a clue!! Just one day here you were and here I was and Presto! I am so glad I found SkiDiva.com and the great gals who seem to "live" here!

Downunder Diva

Angel Diva
Search engine initially for skiing with broken thumb, ...then... ' is there 'meaningful' life after ACL reconstruction??? (prior to op)'... then ... Diva's dealing with existential pit of despair 'after' ACL op :fear:... then ... Diva's gear review of Nordica Conquers now waiting patiently in bedroom purchased before period of still continuing ACL post op rehab ... (because Diva's shared with each other that the sun will again glitter off those beautiful slopes for ACL survivors and one must 'look forward'... and yes I stroke my new skis daily much to partner's chagrin - but they're just soooo beautiful!!! :smile: I have now planned for 7 weeks skiing at Treble Cone NZ next season and aced rehab through gritted teeth with Diva knowlege that it's 'do-able' (well I missed this season downunder and ski time is cumulative right??) and so I have now just joined this forum because it is soooo *AWESOME* with fabulous women (...ski obsessed like me - it's normal right??? :yahoo:) Just for the record - broken thumb - 17 y.o. snowboarder from behind ... he bounced - I didn't. This happened first day of season on a $1200 Mt Hotham seasons ticket - rapidly discovered the joys of poleless skiing in a cast... well at least I could now bludgeon the blighters - I mean 'hey' personal space Guys!!! ... Shredded ACL - pushing friend's stuck fast jet boat off sandbank in Sydney harbour... red wine may have something to do with this one :embarrassed: One day I'm going to grow up and make mature decisions - maybe next year when I'm 52 :smile:


Angel Diva
I am a member of "Team Estrogen" which is a site for women only cyclists (outstanding site, BTW, highly recommended). I love the comradery there. I read a post there from someone from this site so I thought I would check it out. I love that my cycling site is only for women, so I figured that I would also love a skiing site only for women.

I was right! :thumbsup:



Diva in Training
Found SkiDiva via Google when trying to find info on new boots - great site, so lucky that you all popped up. I spend a lot of time "lurking" reading posts - contributing when I can, but I am not a very experienced skier, very much in the learning phase, though from what I can tell that is a never ending process within skiing.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Found my way here after looking for ski reviews too, Atomic Affinity Pure. I then kept popping back as a guest to read the forum and decided may as well join in the fun as everyone else seemed to be having a good time!

Was definitely attracted by how honest all the Diva's are about their skiing, both good and bad bits - no macho bragging here! Just good friendly advice and sharing of experiences, both on and off the mountain.


Certified Ski Diva
I found skidiva searching for reviews of WARM mittens! I have really severe Reynaud's( photos in my album)and was at a loss for which would be best. So happy I landed here!!

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