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How often do we have to change boots?


Angel Diva
My boots have 80 days on them but the past month or so I have had quite bad foot pain. The last run today I couldn’t think about anything else but how bad my feet hurt. Wondering if my arches have changed if I need a new footbed. Sadly my bootfitter won’t be able to help me out till fall now. Looks like I will have to suck it up for the last 10 or so days of the season. I expected they would last longer but sometimes our bodies change.
Ha! I first read that and started wondering what fancy new fangled boots you must have to have a power strip built in. What else could you charge from it? But then my brain realized that you meant power strap. Oops. But what if your boots could be a back up power source?

I knew I didn’t have the right word for it! I fear my brain is going!

A backup power source! Awesome!

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