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How many days have you skied so far?


Angel Diva
Had a little powder day on #46 this past Sunday, it was fabulous! :smile: Sunday River has a ton of snow and is 100% open most days. We haven't yet started to get the brown spots or narrowing trails, luckily March has been a great month of adding to the snowpack. They will close bumps and trees when things refreeze too hard, but then reopen when things soften or like Sunday with the 4-6 inch refresh that made the glades and bumps ski great again.

Still around a month of skiing left at Sunday River, so I should get 8-9 more days in there. After that I plan to do a couple of days at Killington as long as the spring skiing stays good into May, still have a couple of Ikon days available there. I'm also not ruling out a summer trip to Mammoth, so we'll see!

On the other side of things, my women's group golf lessons should be starting up again in 2 or 3 weeks, so that's nice to look forward to for some weekday evenings coming up. I took lessons for one season (2021) and then didn't golf at all last year due to being too busy with the new puppy to commit to it.. so I think I'll basically be starting over.



Angel Diva
The end of my 22/23 ski season is here... too soon, but probably my best ever, so I'll take it :smile:

Total: 54.5?
Yesterday was a bad April fool's joke (overnight wet snowstorm), and despite me being at the ski hill, they still didn't have power by 2pm and thus decided to close. Made a snow-icicle creature while waiting with some other patrollers, and talked toboggan driving while I tried out a couple different handle lifting positions at the base. Never put on my ski boots, though, since I knew I'd end up stepping in a puddle.

Internet didn't come back until this morning. Didn't have the energy to drive back out to the hill for the rainchecked-last-bonus day today... so I stomped around in the front yard for a few minutes and did some kick turns. Even skied the "extreme ridge" along the sidewalk! It was oddly satisfying :smile: :rotf:
I will post the video evidence later!


Angel Diva
Days 22—23.
Snowshoe for closing weekend.
Heavy rain Friday night meant puddles and sticky snow. My first time at a resort for closing weekend. Now I really understand the meaning of Spring skiing.
Temps dropped Saturday night and surprise flurries meant almost firm corduroy with a coating of snow dust this morning. Faster skiing and fresh grooming meant better memories to leave with than those from Saturday:smile:


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I will be embarking upon my 27th day skiing this Friday @ Snoqualmie followed by a recently planned 3 day ski trip to Mt Bachelor a few days later. We were going to close our season after that (so day 30) but we're having a winter storm here in Seattle and Crystal Mountain extended their season by another two weeks, so we're hoping to pick up days 31 and 32 with the extension!

Is it bad to be hoping for more snow and more extensions? :becky: I JUST found my Yumis!


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#66 Yesterday I drove 2 hours north to Spirit mountain. The weather was lousy in the morning but the afternoon turned out nice when the sun came out.
The snow was fabulous. I may have broken the sound barrier a couple times as it felt that good I was confident enough to just Rip. I caught some big air (planned so I was ready for it!) jumping off rollers on Bear Claw at that speed. Timber Cruiser is one of my favorite runs. A narrowish run with random trees in it and winding through the trees.
All the runs were open and even still had the big jumps set up on the far side of the resort. I only did the smallest one.
I ran into a ski friend from home and he was trying to get me to slide this skinny rail on the other side of the park. The fat tube, the only thing I can sorta do, was the most popular feature. Way too many people lined up to slide it and way too many watching and filming. I chickened out big time because I was tired and the end of the day. I shall try next time.
I brought my snowboard but didn't use it as I was too busy having fun on my skis
I can tell with all these ski days this season I've become a better skier. I was at Spirit mtn last year at this exact time and remember being a lot more cautious and timid. I used the same skis. I brought the big heavy boys but I ended up not needing them as there wasn't much late day chunks and crud.
They could easily be open another couple weeks. I'm planning to return this weekend it will be warmer!


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The last day at my home resort happened on Saturday April 1st. I didn't ski as I had to work. I had the same Blizzard conditions as @shadoj but thankfully all the power stayed on. 8 inches of heavy wet concrete at my place.
At the ski hill there were ponds at the base near the lifts and the terrain parks. If you didn't have skis/board on you would fall through random holes in the snow walking up the hill to the lodge. Sad but it was time to close.
Here's pictures from Spirit Mtn yesterday


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Our season is over here in PA. I didn't really keep count, but I figure I got in 13-14 days or so? I suppose not too bad for ski season coinciding with tax busy season.


Diva in Training
I'm at 16 resort and 2 backcountry. I was hoping for 25, but I was on a 25% overtime work schedule this winter and couldn't take long weekend trips. At Christmas, several of the resorts closed because it was too cold and I didn't feel comfortable going backcountry at those temperatures. But hoping for some more days at Mammoth this spring.
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After a 8+ year ski hiatus we got back on the slopes this year and perfect timing. Right now I'm at 12 days which I'll take considering we're still working. Mammoth, Snowbird, Solitude and Snowbowl all had epic conditions to remind me how much I missed skiing!


Certified Ski Diva
I'm only at 3 days so far from a late start and having to cancel two trips due to crazy weather, but that tops 2 days last year and 0 in 2021. We're hoping to go again this weekend if the weather cooperates--my husband got his first ski lesson this weekend and likes it better than snowboarding.

I've been to Boreal and Kirkwood so far, and will hit Sierra at Tahoe this weekend, hopefully. Then maybe one or two more days after, but places are starting to close.

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