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How many cities??


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I couldn't even begin to count... and like other people have said, don't know what we're using to determine "city". Apparently, here in Utah, any incorporated municipality that is over 1,000 people is legally a "city". Less than 1,000 people = a "town". If we're counting those - yeesh. I've been to 109 cities just in Utah (mostly for work, some sightseeing/travel) and even more "towns".
If I remember civics correctly, it's the governing body that determines whether it's a city or town. Size plays a factor, but cities have mayors and towns have town councils/meetings as the primary governing body- though the more I think about it, that may be specific to New England...

Anyway I don't know that I've legitimately visited 17+ cities (more than a simple pass through on my way to somewhere else), though I do travel a fair amount within the US. That's mainly based on the kind of traveling I do and where I live. I moved a lot growing up, but have lived in a lot of little New England towns. I live in a city now and I enjoy Boston, New York and Las Vegas for the occasional getaway- but I get OUT of the city when I get time off! So that skews my numbers.

Janis Williams

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Cities/Towns/Villages(whatever) I've lived in I'm only including anything > perhaps 6 months - used to do contract work and go from one place to another a bit so the full list would be too long - probably could not remember it all.

Melbourne Australia
Christchurch NZ
Hamilton Vic Australia
Stawell Vic Australia
Warrnambool Vic Australia
Adelaide SA Australia
Wonthaggi Vic Australia
Canberra ACT Australia(a few times)
Sydney NSW Australia
Albury/Wodonga Australia
Beechworth Vic Australia
Fermoy Co Cork Ireland
Castlerae Co Roscommon Ireland
Coffs Harbour NSW Australia
Woodland Park CO USA
Palm City FL USA

Janis Williams

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Visited - waaaay too many places... I've travelled all around Australia(one trip right around a couple back to the centre/west and queensland, and working all over the south east), been to Samoa(not American but what was Western Samoa), Lived in NZ and travelled a bit, travelled around Ireland a bit, travelled for 3 months in Europe and then trips from Ireland. In USA only been to Utah, Colorado, NM, Minnesota, and Florida. Mostly though I prefer hiking to shopping so I've seen more trees and grass etc than cities.

Would have travelled a lot more but CFS/ME put paid to much both energy wise and money wise.


Diva in Training
I have visited way too many cities to count, but a few standouts (mostly for awesome fun and beautiful scenery) are Naples, FL, San Francisco, CA, Jackson Hole, WY, Denver , CO, Duluth and Grand Marais, MN, and Green Bay, WI. As for cities I have lived in, well all 5 are suburban Minneapolis/St. Paul.
Where I've lived:

Rijeka, Croatia
Koper, Slovenia,
Toronto, Ontario
Hanover, NH/Norwich, VT (not really a city - but maybe if you consider them one?)
St.Petersburg, Russia
Brooklyn, NY
Cambridge/Boston, MA
Calgary, Alberta

travelled to...well, as everyone here mentioned, too many to list!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
You've really gotten around, Albertan Ski Girl! But the area I know best is Hanover/Norwich as I first went to Perkinsville, VT in 1968 and then in 1984 we moved up to Woodstock....I still spend part of the year there...

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