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How long does it take for adults to learn to ski from never ever to competent?


Angel Diva
(what does "cherry picking my days mean?" I am not a native speaker and do not know this phrase?)
Although I knew the meaning, was fascinating to look up the term. According to the M-W dictionary, became an accepted verb in 1965. The description of how the connotations in different context of how people discuss topics subject to debated is in Wikipedia was more interesting.

In the context of skiing, "cherry picking days" is also described as being a "snow snob." For beginners/intermediates that means only getting out on the slopes when snow conditions are relatively good. For instance, some seniors who are retired often only ski for an hour or two in the mornings at their local mountain when there is good visibility, and it's not too cold or too warm.

Another variation for seniors are those who spend the winter in some place like Salt Lake City and only ski at Alta when there is at least some fresh powder off-piste. Of course, those seniors are very good skiers. In that case, they find skiing on groomers not worth the effort of the drive up the canyon and getting on their boots (about an hour total).

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