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How do you track your days?

Why track days?

Don't get me wrong. If I only ski 10-20 days a season, I can remember it without much trouble. By the time I'm racking 50+ days, I really couldn't careless whether it's 55 or 65, or for that matter 105!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
This may seem nerdy, but ever since my first season (2006), I've kept a spiral notebook with a page for each trip (or each day for single day trips). I list what the conditions were like, what trails I skied, what skis I used and any other info I might find interesting--how crowded etc.
Yeah, I know it's a little odd, but I like tracking things and I find it fun to look back and see when I skied my first blue, black etc and what my impressions were.
I don't think it's odd. We have a friend (on of DH's boater buddies) that has been doing this for years. What river, what flow, weather, what camps, unusual weather/events.... and it's an excellent resource. What was the Middle Fork of the Salmon like in June at 12 ft? How was the landing at State Line camp? How were the rapids at that level? Imagine a 30 year history of these journals.

I just thought it would be fun to track.


Angel Diva
I've kept track for years. I just mark it on my daily calendar - downhill or x-c, where, who with, general weather and conditions. It's just a couple of lines but I do like to be able to look back at what I've done. This way, I was able to say with assurance that last season at Tremblant, we had way more "snow" rather than "ice" days than people generally claim.


Angel Diva
I mark days in my calendar, but I sure wish I had started doing what NewEnglandSkier does. In fact, I'm now thinking about starting a ski diary...and maybe incorporating some water color sketches...hmm...
To simply count the number of days, the calendar will do (except you have to keep last years calendar around, or transfer the Nov/Dec number of days to January)

If you want to keep track of condition from year to year, a notebook (real or virtual) will be more handy.

How about an Excel sheet for the uber geeky? ;-)


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Oh, now, THAT is a handy tool. Just checked it out and the first thing I see is that RachelV has been out four days already this year. I'm assuming this is our RachelV, because how many can there be?
Just HOW many years (geargrrl said "imagine 30" - I can, easily) consecutively running are we talking about here? Because I'm getting exhausted just thinking about this...Years before anyone had anything tech or computer, I used to vaguely keep track, in an appointment book that held much else. Guess I kind of burned out on my first (of 4 total) way-light attendance season...and it was kind of a bummer to have so few days. So I shifted my focus onto pure enjoyment. If I had a good time, what did it really matter? It was quality over quantity. Sometimes a long, low-vertical-total day with a friend who experienced a major grin-inducing breakthrough on skis was as good a day as any. So, for me, it became all about The Size of the Smile. :becky: And those kinds of days are tough to forget.
So, for me, it became all about The Size of the Smile. :becky: And those kinds of days are tough to forget.
I guess it takes all kind.

I'm the same. I don't track my days, at least not on purpose. But I can see there're more people who prefer to track than people who don't bother. So some technology will probably be really helpful for those who want it.

I've had a few years of double the number of days from previoud year. But it had reached the point it took over my life in the winter time. And frankly, it doesn't quite produce THAT big of an impact on my overall enjoyment of life after all. So for me, it has reached the point of diminishing return at this stage. Instead of increasing my number of days, I'll be scaling it back to only the days I feel like I really enjoy the skiing! What ever the resulting number it maybe. Quality over quantity.

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