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How an East Coast Skier views the rest of the USA

I like the question mark over Idaho. The first time my in-laws from Iowa met us in Sun Valley, locals told him that they get a lot of visitors to get Iowa and Idaho mixed up. Apparently a lot of people aren't too sure about the geography of either state. That probably happens a lot with states in the middle.
Then you didn't grow up in New York in the seventies! "Your host with the most in the Poconos" is famous for its heart-shaped bathtubs and slightly-sleazy television ads:

Wow, that really captures a place/moment in time. I don't think there is/was any equivalent in my corner of the world!


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Funny, kind of true. Now, for a western skier map. In short: good angulation and proper ski form---NE skier (pick a state). Jeans, no hat, sweatshirt: Michigan (or Wisconsin)--'what, this is cold?'. Expensive ski outfits, matching everything: prolly Cali. That's my skier stereotyping for the day. I probably should quit while I'm ahead.

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