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Hiking poles - what to look for?


Angel Diva
A bit off topic but related for people who fly for ski trips. Hiking poles are not allowed as carry-on when flying. I always put mine in the Sportube so it's not an issue. Collapsible poles in checked baggage is okay.

Does depend on the airport. Pretty sure I had my collapsible ski poles when I flew carry-on only from RDU to Boston last March. Have heard of poles being confiscated at Newark.


Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 9.18.40 AM.png


Certified Ski Diva
Team - i LOVE that when my PT suggested I replace my "emotional support crutch" with a walking stick/ trekking pole my first stop was the Divas....and as usual, this group does not support.

Any thoughts on folding vs. telescoping? The sad reality is that the "new" leg still wants some support (and needs it) and some of the online reviews of poles collapsing, etc., made me a bit terrified.....


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I like my telescoping trekking poles. They have cork grips that are angled. The cork doesn't get slippery with sweat, and the angle feels good. I shorten and lengthen them on the trail. They hold their length OK, but not perfect. They are too old for me to find them online for sale now, as the locking mechanism is so outdated. If I were to buy new ones that have all the features mine do plus have better locking mechanism, I'd get these. In reviews I'd be sure the straps can easily be shortened and lengthened without a tool, on the trail. A change of gloves can trigger a need to change the loop size.



Angel Diva
I've only ever had telescoping. I've never had a pole collapse. I think I have those exact poles @liquidfeet shows. The main danger IMO is that when I clamp the thingys shut sometimes I pinch my finger.


Angel Diva
My hiking poles are from LL Bean and are similar to @liquidfeet ’s pair above. I have had issues with the locking mechanism keeping them at the height I want, so I’ve been using a walking stick that my grandfather made 40 years ago instead.


Angel Diva
Any thoughts on folding vs. telescoping?

I've used (and own) both. For the most part I like the folding ones better because they hold their length better, and will fold up smaller than telescoping ones can condense down. My fold-up ones can fit into my backpack easily or strap to the outside, whereas the telescoping ones needs to be strapped to the outside. Here are the ones I have, and have been very happy with: Halite 7075 WSD Trekking Poles - Mountainsmith.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I too have three piece adjustable, foldable, Black Diamond poles with interchangeable baskets. I hike too fast down to use them, but love the fact that I stay more upright when hiking uphill and it prevents a lot of low back pain.

Amie H

Angel Diva
I picked up some inexpenisve telescoping Coleman hiking poles 2 or 3 years ago. They work fine for me. There is a compass attached to one of the grip straps which I like. I feel like they are bulkier than they need to be; I bought online and wish I had been able to compare brands/models in person. I take them in my Sportube with my skis when I travel (fly.) I find them very useful climbing uphill and when hiking in icy/slippery conditions (I use the spiked tip then instead of the rubber feet.)


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I've had the same pair of LL Bean collapsible trekking poles for many years. There's a Phillips-head screw that tightens the locks. I noticed once that the poles were slipping/collapsing, and I tightened the screw. Haven't had an issue since then.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Any suggestions for hiking poles with smaller grip? preferably cork or something softer?
Can't stand some of the shinny hard cork grips or plastic.
Just starting to look around - would be nice if collapsible, adjustable, light weight....
looking for right fit, if $$ that's ok.....

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
Mine are komperdell - super lightweight with shock absorbers... They are adjustable but don't collapse short enough to fit in a
backpack. They are cork grips though and small enough for my hands. I've had them for years. Only use one btw.

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