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Hey, Divas, Mr. Ski Diva could use your help!

ski diva

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Yeah, and I love seeing Mitch Albom lose.
@Bookworm, you're not the first person I've heard that from. BTW, Jon and he were both at the Miami Book Fair, though their paths didn't cross.

Here's Jon and the other authors on CBS New York talking about their books. Win or lose, it's great publicity (though I'd love him to win!):

More news: The Christian Science Monitor just named it one of the top ten books of November!
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ski diva

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Does anyone here get People magazine? We don't, and there is NO WHERE around here to buy a copy. I hear he's in the most recent issue (not the one dated November 20; I think it's the one dated December 4). If you have it, can you look and let me know?


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Added another 25 votes - only took about 5 minutes. Imagine how many I can do on a 4 hour car ride! Of course, there ARE dead zones that we’ll be going through but I can make up for those by voting during the many hours we’ll be sitting and watching TV at my MIL's this weekend.

santacruz skier

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Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to vote for CBS New York’s December Book Club pick. It would be SO AMAZING if Jon won, and every vote counts! Remember, you can vote as often as you like simply by refreshing the page. Here’s the link; you know what to do.

Thanks in advance.
Watch out as it's defaulting to the first selection....... put in a couple of votes for Jon! And a few more... it's easy.
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@ski diva please update us all when the votes are all tallied.

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