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Help needed to provide face shields to heath care facilities in the Northeast

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@MissySki and I are part a team of volunteers who are working to 3D print face shield parts, procure related supplies, and collect, prepare, and distribute face shields to health care facilities throughout the Northeast. It's a nonprofit effort spearheaded by Matt Bramble of Skiology, a Facebook group that some of you may know. Right now we're trying to raise funds to get this off the ground. The initial funding goal of $10,000 should cover costs of creating and delivering a total of at least 5,000 face shields and we do not plan on stopping until widespread shortages are resolved. We will be donating the face shields free of charge to health care facilities in the states of New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Won't you help?

Here's a link to the GoFundMe page.
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As a further point, if you can’t help financially you can still volunteer in a few different ways. If you are someone with 3D printer capabilities, We can use you. If you are local to the Northeast and want to help gather/assemble/transport masks, we can use you. If you are a procurement worker for a healthcare facility (or can get this information to one), you can request masks. All of these options are available at the following site:


Note: The site will be active in the next few hours, at the moment the links for each option won’t bring you anywhere. However, if you are interested in helping, please check back tonight or tomorrow morning.

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A short video to give you some more info about what this effort is about:

Sending a healthcare worker to treat a CV patient without personal protection is like sending an army to battle with body army. So if you can donate your time, excellent! And if you can donate money, well, that's excellent, too! Any and all help is appreciated.
The Northeast Faceshield Project was featured on the Albany, NY, NBC news affiliate yesterday. We still need funds and volunteers, so please help if you can.

Nice segment!! I’ll also add that we have now surpassed 75% of our initial goal which is a lot more than reported yesterday when this aired. We are hoping to push a lot higher though!!
Thanks everyone! We’ve exceeded our 10k goal and will be raising it further to allow for even more face shields to be made and distributed! We’ve been getting set up for materials and putting operational plans in place this past few days. Yesterday we delivered a small amount of shields for some nurses to try out in New York. We’ll be continuing to ramp up and starting delivery on a much larger scale sometime next week. The volunteer printers are printing away right now, sending pictures and updates along the way. It’s so amazing to see how many people have stepped up to help!


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Discovered that there are 3D printers all over the world that are producing face shields. One of the 3D companies is in central Europe and shared a design early on. The story of the father and small 3D business owner in NYC is heart warming. His project has become a collaboration of several small businesses and organizations on Staten Island. There are many other related stories all over the U.S.

March 25, One Zero

3D Printed Face Shields in NYC for COVID-19, started March 19, 2020
April 3 Update
" We have been very busy getting production running as safe and efficient as possible the last couple days. Youth Build Staten Island has been kind enough to provide 5 paid workers to help with assembly via their program and they have been nothing short of amazing in helping.
We are currently finishing 300-400 shields per day with the goal of producing 1,000 every day!
Thanks to everyone’s donations we were able to donate face shields to every firehouse on Staten Island today!
Also pictured is Center State Hospital getting 50 shields delivered today thanks to Russell!"
Thank you divas!! We shipped face shields to doctors in York, Maine yesterday. Good Samaritan hospital in New York will be getting 500 today. Then we have another large batch going to New Jersey Sunday for distribution to local hospitals there by another volunteer group who reached out to us for help. We’ll be rolling out to several hospitals in Boston early next week, and will also be starting to push shields out to other facilities that have requested such as nursing homes, funeral services, EMTs, and paramedics, etc. all over the Northeast. Everyone is putting in a ton of work, and we so appreciate your support!

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