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Help me choose skis for my son

Getting Ready

Angel Diva
These skis will be for my more aggressive kiddo. He can ski anything groomed on the mountain and has made a lot of progress on bumps.

The local shop has a good deal on Volkl mantra and Black Crows Junius. He’s 12 so has growing ahead of him. Unless there is a huge difference m, I’m inclined to go with the cheaper ones. Also, I know nothing about bindings whatsoever. I’ve always blindly followed ski shop pro recommendation but the kids guy at our local place does not inspire much confidence.

Thanks in advance


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Volkl mantra jr uses a wood core whereas the black crows junius is a foam core. I’d choose the Volkl. For bindings much of the Salomon line has an extended heel track that can grow 3 boot sizes so if something there is available at your shop that could get some more flexibility too.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Mantra Junior will be great for him if growing and progressing. Regarding bindings, if he is doing a lot of growing you want something that can adjust at least 2-3 boot sizes!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Volkl mantra jr uses a wood core whereas the black crows junius is a foam core.
I read this and thought there's no way BC could make a ski with *gasp* a foam core! But @SarahXC is right on the money. And for FWIW I had very good luck withe the "JR" versions of Volkl skis for my DD at that age.

That being said, the equivalent Black Crows ski would be the Camox JR. which has similar specs to the Mantra Jr. Camox is 90mm /16 turn radius at 149 vs the Mantra 86mm / 14.5 turn radius at 148.


Angel Diva
Thanks. we are going with a mantra and a look binding that has to grow. He is a lucky kiddo.
I think that is your best option. I can't comment on the Mantra, but we've owned Volkl's and have loved them all. We're mostly a Blizzard family at the moment, but I just got my oldest Volkl Revolts for Christmas, and each of us would be happy to return to Volkl in the future. They make great skis, for sure.

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