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Has anyone had an MRI on their Lumbar spine ??


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I've had cortisone injections in my L5 three times -- that's why I needed an MRI (I have spinal stenosis). And though at first it really freaked me out, it was absolutely fine. They rub some anesthetic on your back before you get the shot, so you only feel a slight pinch. (It also helps that you're lying face down, so you don't see anything.) I was told the effects of the injection can last anywhere from three months to who knows how long. My first one didn't help at all. This happens sometimes, so not as weird as it sounds. The second helped for about three months; and the third, well, it's been almost a year. It may also help that I've been doing back exercises every single blasted morning. Who knows. Anyway, I will definitely get it again if I need it. (Side note: I'm a bona fide chicken, so it can't be that bad.)
This is all great to know. The PRP I had in my left knee was a super easy and painless procedure and seems to be starting to kick in (they take 6 weeks for any improvements to be noticable).
My back is really starting to become all consuming which is why I mentioned cortisone injections to my PT which she agreed are a potential treatment for it esp seeing as I'm not bad enough to need surgery.
We'll see what the specialist says when I see him .... fingers crossed .


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
@ski diva Nice to hear the lumbar injections are fairly easy, like the shoulder ones I have had, as that is possibly in my future as well. My cervical spine injection was less so. In the OR with two people pulling vertebrae apart so doc could get needle in. At least I was on my back for that one. Stenosis can suck. Mine is impacting the foraminal canals to arms but also the central canal where the spinal cord passes through. Every run is a special bonus treat! More skiing, along with more cowbell! Always!
That sounds awful !!! Both the cervical spine injection and the stenosis !
I did find that when I was skiing my back actually felt better for the most part and a guy I ski with quite a lot say's that he "ski's out the pain " in his back so yay for skiing :love:


Angel Diva
DH has spinal stenosis at L4, dx via MRI. He is currently on #2 epidural cortisone, which only provides temporary relief (month-plus). He will try for #3, but laminectomy may well be in his future. :frown:

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