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Gunstock re-opening for summer activities Thursday, August 4, 2022


Angel Diva
Tom Daly and the newly re-hired senior management team of Gunstock plan to re-open the Adventure Park this Thursday, August 4. Hopefully all the staff who walked away since July 21 are willing to return to support the managers.

From Gunstock website as of August 2, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 11.52.57 AM.jpg


Angel Diva
For an idea of how much goes on at Gunstock during the summer, check out a guest blog post from last summer. Being a true 4-season resort is the best way for a ski resort to be a sustainable business. Gunstock has been around for decades as more than just a ski mountain. Not many ski resorts include a large campground on site.

August 8, 2021



Angel Diva
Sounds like the last Soulfest at Gunstock was a success even though Gunstock only re-opened a day before the festival long weekend. There were 10,000 people on Saturday. Apparently the move to another venue starting 2023 was because Gunstock management was no longer interested in hosting such a large event.

August 7, 2022
" . . .
Russell said Gunstock management told him last year the event would no longer be welcome even with five years left on its contract. Lawyers got involved before Russell agreed to relocate. He looked at multiple spots in New Hampshire before reaching an agreement with the Moody Center.

The majority of the feedback on the move over the weekend was positive throughout the weekend, but some were disappointed, he said.

“Just like when we moved down here from Loon to Gunstock there were people saying, 'Oh, it’s all about the site,’” Russell said. “We are telling people, ‘We make the site.’”

The new venue has four times the population within a 120-mile radius.
. . .

Gunstock management said the event was not profitable for the resort and required significant resources, according to Gunstock Area Commission meeting minutes.

“They just didn’t want us back,” Russell said."

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