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Question: "Guest" status?


Angel Diva
I've never seen this moniker beneath a screen name, but this showed up recently. I thought that in order to post, someone had to officially join and then be a "diva in training" until a certain number of posts were made. I've also never seen "n/a" beneath # of posts.


Ski Diva or mods, if you haven't seen this, pm me. Seems odd. Might not be, but I've never seen it in 2+ years.....


Staff member
MSL - we had to remove a spammer. And until we could remove all the posts they came up "guest" and "n/a" as their privileges were suspended.


Angel Diva
Thought so but not sure if this is the one you're referring to:

Posts: n/a
Darn, missed it.

Look in Hot Gear Deals. At least 3 there, final posts in each thread.


Angel Diva
Almost seems as if whatever/whoever was trying to get enough posts to get into the private section??? :noidea: Weird. Hope not. Saw this last evening, just was too tired to inquire, sorry - probably should have...

ski diva

Staff member
This was a spammer who managed to post a few times before we got rid of them. We can't get rid of all their posts, so that's why it's coming up that way.

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