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Got any extra goggles lying around?

ski diva

Staff member
If you do, medical personal could use 'em:

From Michael Halperin, MD NYC:

As you know, there are many COVID-19 patients in our ERs, and we expect many more. Eye protection is one aspect of the personal protective equipment that staff require to stay safe.

Jacobi/Montefiore is one of the largest and oldest emergency medicine residency training programs in the country. It is a true joy to help train these young doctors. Our 84 resident physicians staff three Emergency Departments in the Bronx; Jacobi, Moses, and Weiler. Our residents are not alone in these emergency departments, it is the ultimate team sport. We have nurses, techs, attending physicians, respiratory therapists, patient transporters ect.
Personal Protective Equipment is of utmost importance. I have been amazed by the response to personal requests to Rachel Bellis and Harv Holtzman, my aunt and uncle who live in Steamboat, CO for old ski goggles. This idea has quickly spread from Steamboat, to Crested Butte, to Denver, and to you. Quite amazing.

If we can ramp up, you all literally will be helping to save lives. I have listed our three emergency departments and contacts to send goggles, about 300 for each department for a total of 900. I don't know if this is possible or impossible. If this is easy, wonderful.

If you and your network can supply more than 900 goggles, please let me know and I will work with you and others to identify other emergency departments in NYC and emergency departments in other states in the same situation. If this is difficult, anything helps, and we collectively thank you.”

Here are three different contacts for three different hospitals if you can help:

Mt. Sinai/St. Lukes West Department of Emergency Medicine
Felipe Serrano
161 W 61st St. Apt. 12C
New York, NY 10023

Elmhurst Hospital Emergency Department
Christine Francione
79-01 Broadway, B1-27
Elmhurst, NY 11373
St. Francis Hospital MICU 2

Lori Brush
100 Port Washington Ave.
Roslyn, NY 11576
Each hospital is looking for 300 pairs of goggles, and will distribute resources to neighboring facilities if one hospital receives more than they need. This is a temporary measure until appropriate PPE is available. Anything helps!!
I posted another such plea earlier.


At the time I questioned whether goggles would actually make a difference. This post verifies that they can.

This is definitely something I can do.
Mt. Ascutney Hospital in Windsor, VT is looking (last I heard).

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