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Golf at a higher level


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My Golf Pro/instructor made the Michigan Open. In my experience with this women, she is amazing!

So, I've been following her participation in the LPGA Michigan Open. As good as she is, she is on the last page, tied for 81st with a few holes left in the third round.

These women are competitive!!!
Results for the field

Results for my Betsy

So, this brings me to my game:
This is my second dedicated season playing the game. Played a couple times in 05 and new I wanted to do it right if I was going to do it.
Took lessons at the beginning of 06, which was the smartest thing I've done.
Even after refresher lessons, I'm still hanging around the 120-140, mark on 18.

The good news is my short game has improved greatly. Only one 3 putt the last time out
Bad news is that I'm either hitting 'em long and straight with a terrible short game, or I'm hitting 'em in the woods and to the beach, with a perfect short game...........When do the sum of all parts come together so I can have a really good game?


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SnoHot, I'm shocked that you posted this in July and didn't have any replies.

Are you and I the only golfers on this site?

Sadly, I'm not sure I have good news for you......that's the secret of golf, trying to get your long game and your short game going at the same time !!

I started playing golf when I was six (don't get excited, I'm still not that good). What I love about golf, is that it's one of the few places where I can go for a few hours and not think about anything but the game.

I never took lessons (I've played for over 40 years so you do the math), until this year and it was the smartest thing I've ever done.

Like skiing, golf equipment technology has changed the way you play the game. In addition, as you age, your body is not as flexible as it used to be so you need to know how to get the best out of your swing. When I took up skiing a few years ago I took lessons as well and I was amazed at how quickly (and how much) I improved - you're on the right track.

I play about 15 to 20 games of golf a year and am happy when I shoot in the low 90's.

Keep at it, your score will come down. Keep focusing on your short game - that's where the finesse comes in and you can save a lot of strokes if you get your chipping and putting to be consistent for you.

Whereabouts do you play?

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