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Gloves? Which ones are warm and dry?


Certified Ski Diva
I am going through my list of things I need to buy for skiing and I know gloves that are warm and keep my fingers dry are high up there on my list. I dont have a pair that are good at staying dry at the moment. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :smile:


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Well, my favorites are now mittens. I've been a life long glove skier until this year and the frigid weather we had while coaching. I wear Swany Toaster Mittens in leather and LOVE them. And know 2 other coaches and 1 Diva who also wear them. Second best ski gear investment I made this year (right behind the custom boots). I do have a pair of Swany spring gloves that I really like as well but the mittens are so nice!


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I've had a pair of Marmot gloves for three years. I love them, and my hands are never cold!! I'm not sure exactly which ones they are, but I would venture to say that anything from Marmot would be good. OR makes fantastic gloves, as does Black Diamond. Those three brands would be a good place to start.

I just picked up a pair of Burton gloves, for 30 bucks, not too impressed with the warmth factor, but they are good spring gloves. Burton... Eh.


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OR Verglas mitts. My fingers go numb easily, and those mitts have been more than up to the challenge.
Gloves or mittens? I'm not a mitten fan. In Maine, warm matters. In the last 2 years, have found glove answer: Scott. One excellent model is Fuel. $30 retail. Greatest bargain around, and often on sale (40% off around here now). Absolutely blew the Marmot Randonnee's out of the water for warmth. Biggest (and nicest) surprise in a long time, esp given the price point.

Glove liners in 0 or below. Otherwise, just gloves. Better yet, wear like iron. Happy hands :smile:


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They are quite expensive (I got them on steep and cheap last summer for about 70% off), but my Black Diamond Guide gloves are AMAZING. They are leather and Schoeller on the outside, and the liners are Gore-Tex and Primaloft ... I HEART them. They are kind of obnoxiously white (I guess that's why they were on such a good sale), but I figure they'll keep getting dirtier, i.e. gray.


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My hands and fingers are always freezing, so I'm a mitten girl too.

I've tried Grandoe, Kombi, and Reusch....the warmest by far are my Kombis. Unless it's really warm out they stay dry inside. Never had any issues with them getting wet from the outside either.


Certified Ski Diva
Wow awesome replys :smile: Thank you. I will definitely do some looking into all of these and some saving by the sounds of it. My hands and feet get cold easily. They are cold quite often even at home. I however do prefer gloves because I like to be able to move my fingers. Just a personal preference however I will keep mittens open as a back up option for those extra cold days. Maybe i will get a pair of gloves and mittens. :smile: Warm is good :smile: Are glove liners hard to come by I dont remember seeing them anywhere but maybe it was because I didnt know to look for them. I wish I could find my leather horse riding gloves as they are nice and warm and are a little too poofy to hold the reins properly on strong horses even though they are meant for it. I thought they would work well but they seem to have disappeared into the depths of my tack box. Probably better to get gloves just for skiing anyway that way I wont be as likely to misplace them. Thanks for all the suggestions. :smile: more are always welcome as well. You are all awesome!


Staff member
Check out Mountain Equipment Co-op (not coast mountain sports) in Van. Go once to see the stuff, join the co-op, get a catalogue, then you can mail order. Or www. mec.ca They have all kinds of gloves, mitts, the liners etc. Even those Black Diamond ones. I've a system set from them for the really cold days at Tremblant. Inner fleece liner with gore-tex and leather shell. Works great.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
MEC is a fantastic company!


I got down mittens this year...about $60, and I'd have to go look at them to see the brand. I like mittens better....my hands stay warmer (and I have a lot of trouble with cold hands and feet). These relatively cheapo mittens have been pretty good....plus each day before going out you can put them in the dryer for a few minutes to fluff up the down. However, on the very coldest days this year my hands DID get a bit cold.

I'm interested in the "Marmot warmest mittens" (that's the name)....I've tried them on and their length, quality etc. is wonderful. What I don't know is how warm they actually are....has anyone used them??? I've been hoping they'd go on sale (normal price is $99), but so far no luck. A good thing about Marmot brand is they have a lifetime warranty. I had a pair of Marmot gloves that started to pull apart (it was a manufacture flaw, actually...at the seam). I was told about the warranty, and took them back to REI (who I guess also offer their own warranty) and got a full refund....and this was after wearing them 2 seasons! When you pay this much for gloves (I paid $99), this warranty is a great thing!

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