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Angel Diva
Christy, am I having deja vu or did this happen last year? Too bad!


Angel Diva
While I still lost a few flowers to nibbling deer in one section of the yard, the plants I've sprayed with the homemade recipe are looking quite nice. These are three of the specimen plants I bought several years ago when a local day lily nursery decided to shut down because the owner was getting pretty old.

Day lillies Jun 2021 - 1.jpegDay lillies Jun 2021 - 2.jpegDay lillies Jun 2021 - 3.jpeg


Angel Diva
My peas are a total failure. Fungus in the soil, I think? It sucks as English/shelling peas are my absolute favorite, and most farmers don't grow them--I rarely see them at farmer's markets (and the ones in groceries are terrible--you have to eat them super fresh as the sugars turn to starch). I guess I have to figure this out for next year.
I joined a FB group for local gardeners and it's been an immense help for issues that arise due to our soil and climate. Maybe there's one where you live?


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I've had a long hard slog with a bunch of cacti seeds that I germinated over a year ago, and it appears that out of 20+ germinated seedlings, I have one live cactus. I think my mistake was germinating them at the end of summer last year. It started to get cold early in autumn and they stopped growing while they were still extremely tiny (1-2mm tall). Most of them never really seemed to get started again when spring/summer rolled around, I dropped down to 3 live ones.

Sadly when I went to transfer them out of the seedling container the other day, I discovered that of those three live cacti, two had silently died :( I discovered no roots and a very tiny hollowed out shell when I lifted them out.

With all that said, here is my single live cactus seedling, germinated ~feb-mar 2020. :smile: It has a healthy root system and more spines than flesh!

View attachment 15981

View attachment 15982

My thumb for scale :smile:
Sad update - it seems to have succumbed to some sort of fungus or rot :( if this is the end for it, it lived to around 15-16 months!

It's ok, I have new cactus seeds to start over with, hopefully more successful this time! I'm experimenting with using a heating mat and germinating them during winter so they'll have the entire spring/summer to grow, and hopefully be a bit more hardy before next winter.


Angel Diva
I have always wanted a water feature with a little waterfall. In our small city yard that's a tall order. But one of my pandemic projects was to figure out what I wanted, where I could fit it, who could do it, etc. Et Voila! My own little waterfall.


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Angel Diva
I love it! It must sound wonderful, too!

Ditto from Jenny for the characters beside the water!

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