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Thanks for your thought @alison wong I don't have a smart phone or date splan and, while I have a digital camera, I don't know how to get photos off it and into computer; I print mine the old fashioned way. I've been looking at my intended resort after the above suggestions, but because it's closed since mid March, I can't even find a photo to "try"! :noidea:
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Actually it's a platter lift, not a T-bar. Sometimes called a Poma. Not too many here in NA. And we don't have too many handle or rope tows left. Most places have gone to "magic carpets" for their beginner areas.
Big Sky has a poma. It’s used as a residential lift. I’ve skied through the line, but have never been on it. They look like torture devices!
Yes, I used that one at Big Sky from our condos. And at Sunday River Maine early March it was the ~only~ lift open our last morning there. The company was originally out of Woodstock, VT, my stomping grounds up there. In summer I ride my bike through where it originated.. Personally I prefer those to "magic carpets" which throw me off balance.
Big Sky has a poma. It’s used as a residential lift. I’ve skied through the line, but have never been on it. They look like torture devices!
We stayed in a condo that was Walk out/Ski in based on the poma. Not really that hard but that one is relatively steep. Telluride has a short connector poma that's not steep at all. A snowboarder who was having trouble decided to just walk. He was walking faster than the poma was moving.

The only lift running midweek at Howelson Hill in Steamboat Springs is a poma. It's a long one and has one pretty steep section. There was a novice who was having a really hard time just loading. Her BF was waiting at the top. She eventually got it, but then got off too soon. Where she got off was advanced terrain. He had to go down and than they walked up from there. Moral: let the novice go first.
Think it is somewhere NE, definitely not out west.
Which ski resort has blue jacket uniform for instructors?
Don't think it is whitetail because ski instructor's jacket is green. Terrain does not like Roundtop, or M'nut.
My guess; Elk?

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