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For married or engaged divas, do you wear your rings when you’re skiing or riding?


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ETA: Also, congrats!!
Thank you!

I don't wear my rings, I'm always worried I'll eat it in the slopes and damage them. I wear one of those Enzo rings and leave my ring at home for day trips and stuffed in the bottom of my bag or in the safe for away trips.
We both plan to get some silicone rings - but it feels weird to get one when we aren't married yet!

Congrats @slyfox4 Never surf with my wedding ring. hmmm maybe thats why I get a lot of conversation in the line up. :wink: Don't wear "engagement ring" unless going "out"
DH lost his platinum wedding band when he went off trail b/c flat tire on dirt bike many years ago and was pissed and ripped his glove (and ring) off and never found ring. He bought cheap white gold band, I have matching - we wear when traveling and usually skiing. If you are very active, cheap band is easy for sports, save the engagement ring for social occasions.
Luckily my e-ring isn't super expensive, but I'd hate to lose it for sentimental reasons. I plan on getting a simple plain band to go with my sparkly one to wear during activities!

I'll throw out a bit of advice if you decide to not wear it during certain activities. Develop a method that works for you when you take it off. ALWAYS put it in that same spot. If I'm home, it goes on my dresser. If I'm on the road, I have a small carabiner on my keys that it gets clipped to. Figure out what works for you (the same pocket in a purse, or wallet might work for some people).
YES! I ALWAYS put it in my jewelry dish. Always! I put all of my important items in the same place...unlike FH who leaves his keys on the damn bathroom counter and then freaks when he can't find them! LOL.

For all y'all considering silicone rings: QALO and Enso seem to be the big ones. They have fun colors and birthstone colors too. I believe Amazon has packs of regular silicone ones you can buy there as a cheaper option!


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YES! I ALWAYS put it in my jewelry dish. Always! I put all of my important items in the same place
So true. I have a jewelry dish that I put my rings in at night when I take them off. That said, a handful of times I have pulled them off and stuck them in my jeans pocket when doing an excessive amount of dishes...and then found them in the laundry basket the next morning after a brief moment of panic, lol.


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I once lost mine for almost a year. I took it off before volunteering to chop vegetables and meat at a soup kitchen and it was lost in the house. Once I found it (fell into sock drawer) I swore I’d never take it off. Now, years later, my fingers got wider and the ring can’t come off anyway. Burrito consumption is to blame I assume.
I only wear my wedding band. I've already lost my first one and almost my engagement ring too. My fingers shrink when they're cold and the rings just fall off.


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Always wear my rings. I used to take them off for sports etc. but, was too afraid I would lose them or just forget them somewhere. My wedding rings never come off now except to clean them. Then right back on.


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Not so much breaking your finger as degloving it. If you're squeamish, don't google that.
I'll add that if you jam your finger and it swells, a ring can cause more damage since it will cut off all circulation.

Silicon rings are also popular among electricians and other professionals that work with electricity.
I can see why some people don't wear rings for some activities/work (or at all). I guess I was just a little confused as to whether people were buying these as a second ring to wear for those activities, and I started wondering if there was a marketing genius that had convinced people it wasn't okay to take your ring off and have your finger naked if you were married--that you have to buy this product instead. Or, if women were finding that they get hit on too much if they take their ring off. Etc. But it doesn't really matter. I only post this because I didn't want anyone to think that I was judging someone for not having a traditional metal ring.
Always- I feel naked without them! They fit pretty well so I've never had a problem with slippage.

I kind of feel like I'm just as likely to get a hand injury in everyday life (like closing my hand in the car door, which I've done...) as skiing. But now I'll think to remove the rings right away if I have a left hand injury.