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First flying family ski trip


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I think this just depends on the airport you are landing at. Denver never does bags on the jetway - but SFO and SJC always seem to. At least from when I used to fly between them a lot for work.
I think it depends on the airplane you're flying on. I'm out of albany so often smaller planes (puddle jumpers) they don't have big overhead compartments. My boot bag fits in all 747. 757, and similar planes.


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United airlines considers one luggage=a ski bag+boot bag with a combined weight of 50lbs (Canada is usually considered a domestic flight). Download United app the app will tell u. Since u r a family I would suggest ur daughter boots with ur husband skis & vice versa. If you are above 50lbs the price of an additional luggage is cheaper than an additional pound (basically separate them). If someone in ur group is gold or above or in business class then they can bring 2 free bags (yes 2 ski bags). 95% of united flights are 95% full. If u r in boarding group 3 or above u can volunteer to gate check ur bag for free (saves u $45 & the pain of lugging it around during connection) It is likely that u r connecting to an air Canada regional flight in Vancouver. That's a small jet with minimal overhead bin so u will have to green tag check ur rolling suitcase & usually get it back plane side (I have not flown air Canada regional jets). I use a ski rolling bag and I put my boots in it. Also on ur way back ur stuff is wet so it will weigh a couple more pounds.


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Forgot. for ur return to the US u will officially pass the border (immigration + custom) in canada. @ YVR the line is super long even with priority line +global entry it took me an hour. Calgary had less flights so it was faster. If u transit thru Vancouver make sure the layover is long also to account for weather delays.


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While this is true, there are very few Divas who fly who are willing to check a ski boot bag if their flight isn't non-stop. My flights from RDU always require a stop, and usually a plane change. Even though my recent flight to ABQ to ski Taos didn't require a plane change, I packed the usual way and had my boots in an overhead bin with me.

I use a boot "suitcase" that has two wheels and is a clamshell design. The boots are held in place on one side. I usually have ski pants on the other side, along with a set of base layers (shirts, long underwear). May pack a mid-layer jacket, a vest, my Hot Buns in there too. Ski socks are tucked in the boots. If I'm bringing the small boot dryer sticks, they are in the boots.

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Thanks for the pic! This is helpful. We too are flying out west next week and I'll be using this pic as my guide for my carry on. ;)


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I flew to Denver with my daughter (and a friend) two weeks ago .... we were on a direct flight so we checked our boots and skis(= one baggage charge, with two pairs of skis in a soft bag and two pairs of boots/helmets crammed into a larger boot bag with backpack straps) and then we each had a carry-on suitcase. I put our snow boots/hiking boots in the bottom of the ski bag and also threw an extra pair of ski pants for each of us in there. We both carried our ski jackets on board. With the rolling soft bag and the backpack straps on the boot bag, it was manageable, if just barely.

On our Christmas trip to ski in Cortina and then visit Venice and Florence, we only brought boots and helmets. (Again in the single big bag). If there is a next time, we are each carrying our own boots and helmet in one of those smaller carry-ons. We had to walk from our AirBnB to the Florence train station early in the morning (no sign of a taxi at the taxi rank) and I had the ski boots on my back. Never again.


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My impression is that a heated boot bag probably won't fit in an overhead bin.

Soft sided bags can work, as long you can carry them. I'm petite so I much prefer a ski bag/case that has wheels. I have vague memories of packing two pairs of small skis in one soft bag when my daughter was young before I bought the Sportube.

Hmm, that means checking boot bags could work. Of course, would have to pay.

That gives you time to do some experimenting for the skis and boots.
Thanks for the ideas! I just ordered a sport tube 3 off Sierra Trading Post. Since we could not fit 2 pairs of powder skis in our 2 ski carrier.


Angel Diva
Thanks for the ideas! I just ordered a sport tube 3 off Sierra Trading Post. Since we could not fit 2 pairs of powder skis in our 2 ski carrier.
Be careful with the weight limit. My experience with 2 pairs of skis is that there is not much leeway for much else. Of course, in a Sportube 2 there isn't really room for much any way.

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