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First end of season experience - Oh my what now!

karrie lou

Certified Ski Diva
This was my first season skiing and therefore this is my first end of season "What on earth do I do now?" experience! I knew I could post here as you will all understand! In fact I didn't think I could wait until next winter so we are coming to the States over winter for a quick ski trip.

It's 13 weeks and 5 days until our next skiing adventure - what am I going to do to fill in the time and get fit?

I'm thinking that trying mountain biking is a good option however we will have to completely gear up as unlike skiing I can't rent a bike until I know what I want. I also think that it will keep me really fit.


Angel Diva
Welcome fully to the addiction we call skiing! It's the reason so many of over here live vicariously through all you down under divas during our off season. Definitely an off season activity helps! So does tuning in here and joining the conversation. my inability to let go during the off season is calmed by the great company here who understand.

karrie lou

Certified Ski Diva
Maybe you could fit in a quick trip to NZ? We still have loads of snow, and another 3-4 weeks to go.
Just as you posted that an add for NZ popped up on my Facebook feed.... gosh SO tempting! Probably no more expensive than a few days at an Australian resort - we pay CRAZY prices!

@mustski I don't feel so weird now. I was seriously wondering how I would make it through and starting to question my sanity!
@KarenDriscoll You will find lots of understanding here regarding what the heck do I do with myself now that skiing is winding down. 5 months ago I was beside myself with 6 months of summer/fall looming ahead seeming soooo long. Thank you so much for your posts and pictures because it helps us a lot to get through the summer here. I would also recommend a hobby or hobbies. For me it was gardening, ordering the sunday paper, getting our backyard set up with umbrella and chaise to provide a comfy place to hang on sundays to read my paper. I tried to to plan activities here and there with the occasional road trip mixed in. This forum helped tremendously interacting with others who were going through the same thing. I am stoked now because football season has started and fall is about to get underway so for me this is the gateway to winter. Phew, I made it, it won't be long now.

I think its really cool you are coming here to tour around and ski in 13 weeks, focus on that and try and keep yourself busy. It will be here before you know it.



Staff member
Water sports of any kind! Surfing has been suggested. Along with that Stand Up Paddleboard. If you're interested in a more team like sport - Dragon Boat racing. Then there is always - golf, tennis, running, hiking etc. I like being on the water with my SUP.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Mountain biking is very similar to skiing in skill development and movements needed...So far it's come the closest to the skiing rush of all the other sports I've tried. We also hike, disc golf, ski skate, kayak, and fish just to pass the time until ski season rolls around again. Really, anything to keep me from going completely stir crazy and seasonal affective disordered during the summer. Argh.
Hobbies are a good way to pass the non ski time. Plus having an upcoming trip to train towards and look forward to is very motivating.

I was depressed and beside myself when winter ended for me this april.

I threw myself into our farmers markets, weekend trips and just beefing up our backyard into a relaxing hangout place that I'm actually sorta a tiny bit bummed that my backyard hang time is going to be cut short in a few weeks. Already noticing it when we BBQ on sunday nights now that its dark and we can't enjoy the sunday night outside.

Don't get me wrong I am completely thrilled ski season is around the corner but I am kinda proud of myself because I really got into summer this year as best as I possibly could. I threw myself into the off season trying to make the best of it. I'm actually a tiny bit bummed that my sunday morning newspaper reading chaise lounge chilling mimosa drinking sundays are coming to an end.


heather matthews

Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Mountainbiking helps keep me fit and sane in between the NZ season and going to the northern hemisphere.We've just spent 5 days riding in Rotorua(whakawawera forest),it's awesome and we've been going every year for the past 10!

karrie lou

Certified Ski Diva
I was planning on mountain biking this season - but I spent all the cash I was going to buy bikes for us all with on the trip to the USA to ski! :laughter:

So, I've thrown myself into our business, trampolining and planning the trip (aka spending thousands and thousands of dollars online)!

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