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Fernie 15/16


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Today, Jan 24, was my first day at Fernie this season and only my second day at a resort this year.

Coverage overall was very good, and today the 19 cm of fresh snow was great! There is an icy crust not too far down from the rain/wet snow (depending on elevation) event late last week.

Today we skied mostly in Currie Bowl, Cedar Bowl (Cedar High Traverse was closed though), and Lizard Bowl. The trees off Boomerang, either back to the chair or down into Cedar (but especially down into Cedar), were quite good.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Mostly ok today, though I was taking drugs. Fernie has lots of footrests on the lifts, which helps. Touring I'm ok for about an hour and a half of walking (which is not really enough to go far). Skate skiing it hurts. Playing hockey is worse some days, but it does bug me. Cortisone shot on Wed again, though it didn't work the first time so I'm not holding out hope.

Albertan ski girl

Angel Diva
Hope your foot feels better, and hope you'll enjoy Fernie more!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Second day at Fernie this year today. They were reporting 11 cm overnight, and it had been snowing all week. It had rained in town though, so I was expecting the lower moutnain to be icy.

Timber chair wasn't running when we arrived (apparently it had deposited about 50 lucky people to the top and then quite, so they had White Pass to themselves for 1.5 hours or so). We headed over to Cedar Bowl where we discovered that everyone else in town had the same idea. I have never seen a line that long for the T-Bar...usually there's about 3 people in front of you. So by noon we'd done about 3 runs and headed over to the new side. It was much more reasonable over there...busy but not too stupid. We did some lovely runs on White Pass and in Currie Bowl for the afternoon.

The 11 cm was deeper than that up top, and not as heavy as I'd expected, though it certainly wasn't light and fluffy. Runs at the bottom of the funnels and groomed things became icy nightmares, as I predicted. Great turns up top and then just surviving the skittering between fluff piles lower down.

Good coverage overall, but we need some snow at colder temperatures! It's far too warm for January.

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