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Favorite currently-available jacket model (and maybe pants)?


Angel Diva
I wear the Patagonia Capilene thermal weight and like them a lot - it's like wearing air (but warm). Found them on sale a couple years ago and they've held up really well!

I have a capilene top from them that is probably 30+ Years old. I know it lost its properties but it is still wearable


Angel Diva
Temperatures are usually between 10-15 and 30F when I ski so I wear only one lightweight wicking layer with this jacket. I alternate between a very old Columbia Omni Heat layer, or a Salomon synthetic layer (this one kind of stinks after a full day so not my favorite.) I also like my super soft (and also super old) Sweaty Betty’s but I haven’t loved the patterns I’ve seen for the last few years from this brand. I’d love to find new base layers to try. What I look for is softness and breathability. I get hot easily around my core.
Do you think the Omni works? Found the sizing a bit strange this year.


Angel Diva
Do you think the Omni works? Found the sizing a bit strange this year.
Mine is from 2015, and it’s still great. I mean, I don’t expect warmth from it… the medium size works week for me. I’m 5’7”, 146 lbs, big shoulders/arms.


Angel Diva
I think I got at least the replies now lol
For the bottom I got one thing only that works: the icebreaker 200 oasis 3/4 length leggings. I see that they are on sale at REI now for $41; I might get a second pair.
I don’t think I can wear wool.. :(


Certified Ski Diva
Hi, Divas. I was just looking at the November thread about whether most people have multiple ski outfits (yes) and I decided that since I am not an ascetic, I deserve some new duds. For years, I have had only a hardshell jacket and stretchy softshell pants under which I layer as appropriate. The jacket annoys me because it is stiff and crinkly and scratchy and loud. I don't like wearing it. I'm looking for a soft, insulated jacket that is waterproof and breathable. I have looked at my 2 local shops and did not fall in love. I found that about half of the jackets I saw were too scratchy/crinkly for my taste, so that makes me nervous to order one I have not touched.

What are your favorite currently-available insulated jackets that are soft and not crinkly or stiff? Some stretch would be great too. I am not the type to do any extended hiking or off-piste skiing, so no risk of being caught hours from shelter in a storm, but I am the type to stay out in the worst weather to enjoy shorter lift lines.

I truly love my softshell pants -- they have some fuzz inside, so I don't have to wear anything under. But, I can fit thick fleece pants under if I need to. They are form-fitting, 4-way stretch black twill -- feminine looking and sooo comfy. They also have a 20,000/20,000 waterproof/breathability rating, so I can sit on a very wet lift with no issues. The problem is that I am somewhat smaller than I was when I found these dreamboats and they have no belt loops or adjustable waist. I am constantly hiking them up. I would rather not do suspenders so I can leave the backpack and jacket on during a quick bathroom stop. I really need a size smaller, but the model is not available anymore. So, I would be open to hearing about any currently available pants that people love.

Thanks so much!

If you have a sewing machine, or can get to a tailor, it’s easy to take a couple of darts in the waistband, and resize the pants! I do it all the time!

Amie H

Angel Diva
I just bought a new "winter" ski jacket (mostly for Midwest skiing in the single digits to 20s) online from Mountain Warehouse. Their prices are very affordable for most styles, but the sizing runs large. Many of their jackets have technical fabrics & features I like (pit zips /vents are a must for me!) They are UK based but I have 2 stores nearby in case I need to make a return. I passed my "old"(2019!) Mountain Warehouse jacket & ski pants to my daughter this year for her 1st ski lesson & to encourage her to keep it up.

Columbia also has nice jackets/fabrics but they never fit me quite right.

I also have a Eddie Bauer lighter-weight down jacket I love for under my hardshell or alone in Spring conditions.


Diva in Training
I have gone through my fair share of ski jackets, was always looking for something that didn’t make me look like a balloon. I ended up with a Montec jacket, I think it’s the Fawk style. I actually like it so much I want to get one of their pullover styles. They have a lot of fun colors (v important to me lol) and both shell/insulated options. Lots of pockets, pit zips, helmet compatible hood, and the jacket is also pretty slim fitting. I have the shell version and usually just wear a Patagonia nanopuff underneath if it’s super cold (in addition to base layers of course). This is my third season with the jacket and it’s held up great.
Montec Fawk Ski Jacket

For snow pants I LOVE the Helly Hansen Legendary. I have the non-bib version but they do also have a bib version. I’ve had those for at least 5 season and they’re amazing, I’ve convinced both of my sisters to buy them too. They are slim fitting and they don’t fall down, and they have these Velcro straps around the waist to adjust for fluctuations in weight.
Helly Hansen Legendary Ski Pants

For reference, I’m 5’8” and around 140 lbs. I’m long and lean and it was a struggle to find non-baggy snow pants for my skinny legs. I’m also pretty broad so it was also hard finding a jacket that fit in the shoulders but was still slim and feminine.

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect base layers. I love a bright/patterned matching set, if anyone has suggestions I’m all ears! I love the look of the Sweaty Betty sets but I’m not sure how well they’ll hold up and they’re not cheap :(


Angel Diva
Do you think the Omni works? Found the sizing a bit strange this year.
I have Columbia Omni-Heat jacket and pants and am pleased with their performance. I ski at some frigid places (ask the divas about January 27, 2022, at Saddleback...), so warmth is paramount. We generally don't even consider shedding layers up here until after mid-March (IF then!).

My 2 jackets are a couple of years old, so I'm not aware of any sizing changes/irregularities. If I plan to replace at some point, I guess I'd have to venture somewhere to try on in person?

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