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Fall Colors 2015

@nopoleskier Gorgeous picture and I LOVE YOUR DOGGIE. So purty.....
thanks.. hard to believe She was dumped up here in the woods last summer as a puppy! she was living on bugs, birds and anything else she could find.. we kept hearing crying at night but had no idea what it was (thought coyote pups) then finally she was in our driveway when DH went to get the mail he opened the car door and in she jumped and she's been here since.. dogs do pick people!
I too love larches. Although we call them tamaracks here. When all the leaves are down and the hillsides are dark, the tamaracks glow this amazing colour before dropping their needles. And to everyone who posted all these gorgeous pics - WOW!
These pics are all lovely. :smile:

Eastern larches are a different species - and they frankly are something of a mess (ask me about my front yard :rolleyes:). Females dump a percentage of needles at pollination in June (big mess), then comes the fall partial dump (tree still retains +-50% of needles in winter). Wow, it's a load of clean-up.
Yes, all of these pictures are so beautiful, and so are the dogs. Also, interesting new knowledge! Tamarack Lodge in Mammoth is one of my favorite places to visit when I'm there. I figured it was a native American word, but now I'm curious to see if it is for the larches, which I didn't know we had.
In North America there is a Tamarack Larch (see below) that is different from the Lyall's (subalpine) and Western Larch we have here in the PNW. There are other species on other continents. I don't know if these others all turn the brilliant green and gold.

Larix laricina Tamarack Larch or American Larch. Parts of Alaska and throughout Canada and the northern United States from the eastern Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic shore.

The Lyall's/subalpine are kind of spindly and sickly looking the rest of the year, and it's just when they turn (usually against a really nice backdrop, since they are only found in the subalpine) that they are so pretty.

The leaves are all gone here except in small sheltered patches, which means the larches have finally turned. A couple more weeks or a good breeze and we'll be done with the color here.
Again, out on my bike where I can't carry my camera, so just lousy cell pictures. There were sections covered in needles, which is always fun to ride through.
Per usual, the high country of the NY Adirondacks were past peak by mid-Oct.

Oct 2015 NY Fall Colors.png

Colors are just starting to come out in central NC. Temps in the 30s this weekend, which is the first weekend of the NC State Fair. So should be good around our house for the next week or two.

Keep the pics coming!
All the pictures are so beautiful. I haven't been taking as many foliage pictures this year because it seems I am always driving so its a bit harder to drive and be photographer. That and its dangerous.

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