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Fall Colors 2015

I am all for Thanksgiving in October. Wish we could trade Columbus day for Turkey day in October.


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But it's a long haul from then till Christmas.....October is better for travelling too. But all it is is a long weekend. Monday is the holiday.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
OOOH Christy those are gorgeous! What ARE those trees that appear to be evergeens but obviously aren't?
Beautiful, I love seeing fall represented all around the country.
We don't have much in seasonal changes in my neck of the woods so is wonderful to see all the photos... We do have other redeeming qualities on the central coast of California though. Thanks everyone for the awesome posts.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
How did I live there for 18 years and not know about Larches?! Those are amazing!
@Ringrat many of us hikers are larch freaks so there's always a thread going on the main hiker message board here about where the larches are turning.
Yah, I'm usually chasing them up high, where they've already turned, but my injury is keeping me at low elevations and I apparently haven't paid as much attention to the ones near the highway in the past. Logically, they're behind!
not sure why they all duplicated nor why the one rotated.. enjoy!! I have some videos on my phone I'll try and upload later..

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