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Experiences with Atomic Shift 13 Bindings?

I've read a lot of positive reviews, but there were also some negative ones where people said the brake engaged while they were skinning uphill and obviously that's annoying. Have you had any problems? For resort skinning/sidecountry. Based on my DIN, I plan to get the Shift 10, but those just came out so I'm asking about the 13s instead. Thanks!


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I used shifts last season but only for downhill - I'd put them on some skis that it turned out I didn't really like in deeper snow but loved on firmer conditions so ended up not taking them touring/side country at all. I didn't have any problems with them in the ski setting and I really enjoyed how light they are - although I did ski with someone who had a couple of pre-releases in them.

My husband used them up-hill as well and didn't have the brake problem. He did find that his toes slipped out of the pins a few times - not sure if this was a setup issue, not brilliant skinning technique or a problem with the bindings. He didn't have any downhill issues with them though.

When we got them fitted, the guy at the shop mentioned that he's seen the afd under the toe start to slip down (which could explain the pre-releases).

I'm looking at swapping them onto my preferred touring skis, which currently have Atomic Trackers on them - just due to the weight of the trackers really.
Thanks @MrsPlow! After reading your report, I did some more research and found that the Shifts are called "fiddly." Here are 2 common causes of pre-release and how to fix - one is that the AFD migrates because it is a stepped rather than infinite adjuster and another is that if the set-up is off by even less than a centimeter you'll pre-release.

I'm not too concerned about pre-release in downhill mode, as I'm a mellow skier. But now I know that I'll have to really get to know the bindings since they are fiddly. I hope you enjoy swapping them onto your touring skis and that the tips about preventing pre-release help you, too :smile:

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