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Ever used a non-ski jacket as your main ski jacket?


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I did.

It's a Jones New York jacket with two zippered pockets, water resistant and wind-proof, with a hood. This thing was never meant to be worn while skiing, but I bought it at a thrift shop inexpensively and saw its potential. It functioned for me as a shell, under which I wore a light down zippered jacket and my usual two-three layers of ski shirts.

I was never cold, it kept me dry, and liked the way it slimmed me down. I still have that jacket, although the satin liner has grown thread-bare in places. Come to think of it, there is a thin layer of exposed woven white poly-fill under that threadbare lining. I recall using a permanent marker to darken that insulation so it wouldn't show, just to get through the end of the season. I may have worn it two seasons in a row.

I loved that jacket, and have come upon it again now that I'm cleaning out my closets. Now when I put it on I realize how unusual it must have looked on the slopes. I'm not sure I'd wear it now, but maybe....

Anyone else ever done something like that?


Angel Diva
Yes. I skied in my LL Bean stretchable down jacket last winter at Stratton when it was about -12 degrees. It’s not really a ski jacket, but it’s super warm in the bitter cold.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I have an REI "rain jacket" from a few years ago with eVent fabric. I've used it as my ski shell, boat coat, horseback riding in the rain, hiking everything jacket. Its the perfect cut and for some reason really keeps out the wind. Not made anymore ;( I really only have one "ski jacket" Im usually in a "down" jacket that may or not have been labeled as "ski wear"


Angel Diva
^ I've skied in a rain shell and softshell jackets that aren't designed specifically for skiing, especially for milder California days.


Staff member
I have skied in a cotton Ragin' Cajuns hoodie as well as a fleece-lined flannel shirt just because it was warm-ish and sunny and I wanted a change of pace from my bulky ski jacket. I like the flannel-shirt look, too, but that was in Vermont, so it's practically regulation uniform here.


Angel Diva
I have a down jacket bought at Mountain Equipment Coop years ago. It's very warm and I use it on those frigid days when my regular jacket just doesn't cut it. It's definitely not a ski jacket - no powder skirt, relatively few pockets - but is super warm and actually doesn't look too bad.


Diva in Training
ABSOLUTELY! I’d skied a lot (most years 30-50 days) for more than 50 years before my young adult children bought me a dedicated ski parka as a gift. It is much appreciated, and I do enjoy the ski-specific design details, but it still feels like a splurge. Layering select non-ski outdoor layers works pretty darn well and is far less expensive. Even being labeled a ski jacket doesn’t mean the hood will accommodate a helmet. As for my lovely ski parka (by a prominent ski wear manufacturer)—the bright colors faded ridiculously fast— in less than 3 seasons.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
I just bought another non-ski jacket to use as a ski jacket... at the thrift shop of course.
Silly me. I LOVE the way it looks. So there. Unconventional is going to have to work this season.
Nope (unless you count spring skiing with a running jacket) but skied in jeans with gators in the 70's because it was cool to do so.
I learned to ski in my hiking rain gear. I'd recommend this to anyone that wasn't sure they wanted to plunk the money down for a good ski coat. Granted it was March and mostly when I did this. I would have needed more substantial outerwear if I were skiing in a storm.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Yes I wore just a regular LL bean jacket I got from work. People thought I would get cold but I never really did unless I didnt wear my base layer. I've gotten mistaken for ski patrol once because it was that same red. It didnt look out of place too much as seeing people skiing in Carharts is normal here. I skied in my jeans on St patricks day because it was 50° out
This year I have actual ski jackets. The heavy one is gortex and feels pretty toasty and the other is a bit lighter a vest.

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