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Epic Pass '21-22


Angel Diva
Kind of like the IKON has 4 days for $399 I think I heard.
Epic is more flexible since can pick 1-7 days. But there are reasons it makes more sense if can use the Epic Day Pass for 4-7 days. Given that Epic resorts are going to require lift access reservations, that's another reason to consider a Day Pass besides the discounted cost per day.

There is data that shows that 4 days is an average number of ski days at a destination resort for a reasonably large segment of the people who plan a ski vacation only once a season. Even if they fly out west, these are people who don't ski enough to ski more 5-6 days in a row. So they need an off-day. Destination resorts with non-skiing activities that require tickets like that type of guests.

santacruz skier

Angel Diva
And I may get the Base Ikon if I plan to travel to an out of state resort as well. - hello Taos. Then I would probably ski new name for Squaw and Alpine and Mammoth a bit more. Epic is just way more convenient for me with access to house at Northstar and timeshare at Heavenly.


Diva in Training
Just got a teaser email from Epic Pass, hinting more info will be provided on March 23, but the major change is that reservations will be required at ALL Epic Pass locations next season.

Vail resorts sent out an update this morning:

> While we do not know exactly how COVID-19 will impact our industry next winter, we are not planning to have a reservation system next season.

I wonder what the change is, then. Maybe getting rid of the local passes?


Angel Diva
Who knows? They want to keep us guessing, waiting with baited breath, talking about it amongst our friends. In other words, free marketing for Vail!


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
My guess is that they are a) adding more resorts or extending ops at mountains, but the dream would be pay a little extra for a "Flex pass" that has say 5 or so flex days where users can access IKON resorts. Like, could they maybe "share" their customers a bit without requiring two full passes?


Angel Diva
I agree. That was my first response. And here we thought it was bad this year......
If the New England pass is cheap enough, the thought crossed my mind that I would pick up a pass just to go to Stowe for 10 days! But looking at my weekend skiing history this year, it strikes me as wasteful... I didn’t go to Sugarbush all that much either, and would have gone even less if I hadn’t had two weeks off.


Staff member
Yikes! Is it just me, or does that seem like a really dumb thing to do when all of your resorts have crowding issues as it is..??

I wonder what the relationship is between pass sales and skier visits, though. The cheaper they get, the more casual skiers will buy them. Does someone buying an epic pass who skis 3 days over presidents week really change things that much?

I might be totally off base but I definitely don't think the pass sales / skier days graph is a straight line, anyways.

It is also totally possible that they just want to pack as many people on the slopes as possible and grab all the deferred trips out west after this stupid year.
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Angel Diva
It is also totally possible that they just want to pack as many people on the slopes as possible and grab all the deferred trips out west after this stupid year.

I would bet that’s what they’re thinking and/but also that could backfire spectacularly.


Staff member
And to add to RachelV's comment...what about the people that are pissed off because they are NOT getting a refund because they couldn't travel to the state.....I don't think $200 is going to entice them back.


Staff member
I really don't have a use for an Epic Pass. Currently not going stateside, so it's just WB. And I'm not really interested in going back to WB for a long time.

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