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Effect of heel lifts?


Diva in Training
So, I bought a pair of used touring boots on eBay - mostly to gauge for fit. I have very small but wide feet (21.5/22) and can't buy touring boots locally and I didn't want to spend $$$ ordering a pair that didn't fit. I found a pair of Scarpa Freedom in pretty good condition and they indeed fit well. Kudos to Scarpa for making a true size 22 shell.

When I tried them out today I found I could barely turn. It felt like I was pitching forward and my weight was on my toes. After a couple of runs on the bunny slope, I switched back to my alpine gear (and could turn again, whew!)

When I got home, I discovered that there are heel lifts in the boot. They are quite thick (1/4"). Would that be enough to explain why I felt so out of balance? At first, I thought the problem might be the forward lean, but they're set at the default of 14 degrees, which I think is pretty similar to my Dalbellos. I can adjust the forward lean to 10 degrees if that would help.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Yes, that would mess up your stance quite a bit, particularly with as small as your feet are.


Ski Diva Extraordinaire
Heel lifts can affect balance in the manner you described. 22 is a small boot size so any herl lift will affect your balance more than someone with a larger boot. Glad you got rid of them.

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